Thursday, May 15, 2008

Binki Battle

Ever since kamaile was born I've had love/ hate feelings for the binki. It really comes in handy when food or other fun options don't seem to do the trick, but then there are moments when you can't find the thing and tantrums begin or when it is bedtime and you're frantically searching any possible place in the house it could be. It always seems to be that I either have a whole stash of them or I am trying so hard to keep a constant tab on the single one we can find at the time. Well, I'm over this whole binki thing the only time I feel the love for the binki anymore is when it comes to sleeping other than that I absolutely hate it. Kamaile will be 3 come September, so yes I know it is time to give it up. I guess I've just been lazy about the binki thing and the potty training thing, I keep thinking as soon as Aaron is around to help me right now I'm just trying to get by and I'll deal with these issues later, but the binki has reached a point where it is more of burden than a help. I just can't be consistent I have a few hours where I refuse to give in, I take all the screaming and whinning but then I break down after so long. I've tried a few peoples ideas, but I should have tried them sooner cause she is so attached I just really can't seem to get rid of it!!! So about 2 weeks ago we were down to one binki and I really wanted it to be the last, now that Emmy is a thumbsucker I decided I would not buy anymore. Well, pretty soon Maile bit a hole in the binki and after a little while it really started to smell nasty, I don't know how she continued to suck on something that smelled so awful, but of course she did. Well, it got to the point that I was worried about her health, there must have been so much bacteria and grossness in it plus the tip was hanging on by just a little bit, so instead of me being the mean one and cutting it off I just told her Maile it is about to break see bite it and when she did I pulled it and oops! There wasn't much left of the nipple. I said oh no it's broken, but don't you worry a sad face only lasted for a second before she grabbed it and put it in her mouth to reassure me that it still worked. phew! So, she tried talking with it in and doing her usual but it didn't work as well, so I thought it wouldn't last too long. Nope, she still uses it and slobbers all over herself when she does cause she basically has to bite down to keep it in. The only thing it has done is made it more difficult for her to sleep. Naps and bedtime have become a whole new issue since the binki doesn't stay in as well. I was getting desperate for a good binki again and as usual while cleaning I found 4 under the bed. As soon as Maile saw them she tried it and said "it's too big, cut it", what? she actually likes the cut binki version. Ohhh! What do I do? I've now reached a worse stage of bad sleeping and no progress with the binki.

So you would think this binki would be near impossible to suck on and even if you could it would be so hard that it wouldn't be worth it. Nope, this is how she likes it now.

Still plenty of thisNot enough of this

Monday, May 5, 2008

House in the making

It's still hard for me to believe that this will soon be our house, I don't think it will actually hit me until we are living in it. Things are moving along and we are really excited!! Last weekend I met Aaron out there to pick out countertops, tile, carpet and so many other things I don't know anything about. Even though I didn't feel like I knew much about this kind of stuff it was still way fun and I was surprised at how opionated both Aaron and I were about certain things. I can't wait to see it all put together.

WAHOO!!!! Can't wait to have our own house and a normal life again.

Aaron is down to 2 weeks now, but it just doesn't seem as exciting as it once did since the girls and I will most likely stay here until the house is finished, which will hopefully be the beginning of July. He will get 9 days off though, which we are definitely looking forward to. This is one feature I can't wait for. We've never lived in a house with a nice tub that is actually comfortable to sit in. yeah!!!! I made Aaron be creative in this picture, isn't he good at it?