Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple Annie's and the Pumpkin Patch

Last year we always heard about the pumpkin patch but never went so I was excited to take the kids this year. It's over an hour drive, so that's always an issue for me. Aaron had to work but some of our friends were going so we tagged along, it was well worth the drive. The girls loved it especially the tractor ride out to the apple trees. Plus it was just fun to go somewhere new. I know picture overload, but there were just way too many perfect picture taking moments.I had high hopes of getting some cute pictures of just the 3 girls, but after one shot with Maile holding Livy while trying to balance on the pumpkin decided to bail on that idea.

While we wait for our delicious cheeseburgers and apple crumb pie! delish!

Emmy had to work so hard to get these apples, but was so proud of herself when she did it "all by herself" which is what she loves to do these days (everything is by herself).

5 at a time, that was Maile's goal to get the most all in one shot, she did pretty good.

I really don't think Emmy ever stopped smiling on the tractor ride, she kept saying "I've never been on a tractor ride before". She was beaming! Of course there's no way I would've ventured out by myself with the 3 kiddos to this place, so I'm glad we've got such great friends who helped me out... Thanks ya'll it was super fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Station

Emmy and Maile are obbsessed with the fire station these days. We pass it when we go running and when we go to church, they try to out due each other by yelling FIRE STATION!!! louder and faster than each other. So, there was a little fire safety fair this weekend which of course they LOVED!

This picture was taken moments before Emmy tipped over head first, luckily she was all padded up.

I think Olivia would have fit in one of the boots, but we didn't try.

A bunch of the neighborhood kids having a good time.