Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall first's

Finally Maile is old enough to play soccer! She missed the cut off by a month last year, I was so sad cause I knew she would love it! So, this year Aaron and I are coaching her team. It has been so much fun! Seriously we have a great time. Maile is loving it! Poor Emmy practices with us but wants to play in the real game, at least she gets a treat afterwards, that always makes everything all better. It is hard to get some video and action shots with both of us coaching, hopefully we'll get some good ones to share. Last Saturday was the first game, Maile got the first goal and immediately shot her hands up (like a touchdown) and just stood there looking at all the fans in complete shock. Once she snapped out of it she came running over to me then to Aaron jumping all over us. That really flipped a switch for her, now she is more aggressive and is only concerned with scoring! She is constantly talking about soccer and is really concerned with who won. Yesterday she kept reminding the coach of the other team of the score and how many more goals our team had.

This year Emmy gets to join Maile at preschool. The first day I dropped them off Emmy seemed so surprised when I went to kiss her goodbye. Now she always reminds me that she gets to stay and I have to go. I think she loves that she is getting to do more and more big girl stuff.
(with mullet)
Little Livy is getting so big! She got her first hair cut, well basically we just chopped the mullet off and she got her first pebbles dew on Sunday. She is starting to play so good with Emmy and Maile, it is fun to see them all interact.

without mullet

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maile's Royal Ball

Maile has been planning this party for almost a year now. She invited everyone she saw and told everyone about it as we were shopping for the supplies. She started counting down the days to her big royal ball about 2 months ago. The morning of she woke up like 2 hours earlier than normal. This day was to be the pinnacle of her 5 year old life.

The Royal Ball started with the princesses getting makeovers and decorating their tiaras while the knights did some knight challenges to earn their swords and shields to decorate.

Time for the royal feast:
Then came the quest for all the knights and princesses. A witch turned Kamaile into a ghost, in order to break the spell they had to find the sleeping dragon and throw water balloons at him until he dropped all 5 of his eggs, then they had to find all the eggs and bring them to Kamaile to turn her back into a princess. They had to dig through the witches hair to find an eye ball that would give them special power to defeat the dragon.

They woke the sleeping dragon........

He was very fierce.
The kids were terrified! ha ha
The eggs were found and Princess Kamaile was no longer a ghost. They were so happy she was back they showered her with gifts and had cake!!!

I'm glad we had her party the day before her real birthday cause then we were able to have fun all day on the real day. We went to her favorite place to eat - McDonalds, played with all her new toys - including a new trampoline, had 1st soccer practice, went to sonic for slushies, and had a campout movie night in the family room. I think her expectations were met, but of course she's already talking about birthday number 6 in 361 days (she asked me today how many more days until her bday). oh boy!