Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I can't believe it has already been over 2 weeks since I last posted, these days are just flying bye! I really can't believe Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is less than a month away CRAZY! I think the weather has thrown me off somewhat because here in Utah November basically felt like October, it really was gorgeous fall weather for the most part. I feel like we had one less month of winter and that sure does make me happy. I knew it wouldn't be long before the frigid weather would start and yesterday was that day. It is now freezing! In the past 2 weeks we have had a few new things take place:
For me I started running with this running group here in So Jo. It has been so great running with a group again. Theres over 20 in the group not everyone comes all the time but there always seems to be at least 10 of us. It is a hardcore group, snow, rain, freezing wind doesn't stop them from meeting at 6 a.m. Tues and Thurs. It has been so good for me because they do a lot of speed work mixed in with long pace runs. A lot of them do the "grand slam" every year ( for those like me who don't know what that is it's completing 4 marathons between April and Oct) so they don't mess around. I love it so much because it has got me up and running out in this cold weather, I can run in the dark and not be scared, and they are always running in different locations so I don't get bored with the same old route. To sum it up I'm loving this running group! Also, I'm excited that I'm adding a Saturday aerobics class, boot camp style, it should be fun. They finally, after 3 months, took the band off of kids with swim diapers going swimming, so we've been doing that on a regular basis. It is so fun now that Emmy actually enjoys swimming, she could just sit there and splash all day long. I've also loved decorating for Christmas this year and getting new ideas for decorations and gifts. And another new and exciting thing is I'm prego! Yeah! I just found out but I can't keep it in, so ya'll are the first to know.

As for Aaron he completed all of the interviews, drug tests, background, and everything on his part for the application process for the Border Patrol. Now we are just waiting to hear back. yikes! He thinks it could be as early as January that he would leave for training. We still can't decide were we want to go: Texas (El Paso) or Arizona (Uma or Tuscon??) Any suggestions?

The Maile situation is getting better, I have tried a few different techniques and at least now she stays in her room and plays until she falls asleep in her big girl bed, however that creates a new problem of her pulling out every possible thing in her drawers and boxes, its a complete disaster every time I go to get her! As for the potty thing I gave up on it again and probably won't pull it out for a while. And for all those who remember me as pee my pants girl those days are past, it has honestly been a long time, probably months or even years that I've had an incident so back off.
Emmy has finally figured out the walker so she loves cruisin around. The crawling is still a work in progress, but I think it won't be much longer, she isn't content just sitting playing with toys anymore.
And now if you've managed to make it to the end of this long blog, jokes about the prego thing! I just wanted to get a rise out of ya'll and I feel like this is kind of a boring post so just wanted to spice it up a bit. he he he! I wish I were but no luck yet! But we just found out that both my sister Jenni and sister in law Jenni are and I'm so excited for them. We'll keep on "trying". jokes I hate that phrase

Here's just some of the pictures we've taken in the last little bit. Two sick girls that just wanted to snuggle (never happens) and sleep.

Me and all the sisters and one sister in law (we missed you Jamie) celebrating Justins 18th birthday

Enjoying the beautiful weather in November - parks and flying kites

Kamaile and her latest obsession - Prince Phillip. Ever since Aaron was Prince Phillip for Halloween she insists that she is a boy and wants to be Prince Phillip. She gets pretty worked up when I keep telling her she is a little girl, if she isn't a boy then she's either fa fa or a dragon. I don't know what her problem is with being a cute little girl but she hates the sound of that. Some of her latest sayings that I can't help but laugh at are "that's enough Mommy" if I start singing with her or doing something she doesn't like. Yesterday she got stuck between Emmys walker and the door for a minute and she said "oh crap". It may not seem that funny but I thought it was hilarious and made me realize that she picks up on everything I say.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Look it Mommy Wow! I'm a big girl now!

Well, the time has arrived, I knew both these days would come, but on the same day and so soon? I wasn't prepared and this past week it all happened. Kamaile has turned into such a big girl. For the past month we've been kind of off and on with the whole potty training thing because she seemed excited about it and our pediatrician said if she's excited then now is the time to do it before she gets lazy and uninterested, so we gave it a try for a couple of days and then it seemed like it was becoming a bad experience for her so we put the potty away and thought maybe it was a bit early. This week she kept talking about it again, so we gave it another try although this time we went to the library and stocked up on potty books and potty videos which she was extremely excited about yelling all through the library "potty books, potty video!" and telling everyone who looked at her (I was a bit embarrassed). So every day we've been watching "Once Upon a Potty" with Prudence and reading her books while she sits on her potty, but no luck. Now she associates videos with going potty, she always wants to sit on her potty. Oh great! Finally though, after sitting on her potty for 2 hours and drinking sippies like crazy she did it! Yeah! She was really surprised when her potty starting playing music so I ran over there and sure enough she finally went. She was so proud of herself, the second she realized she did it she jumped up and yelled "I did it!" and asked for her sucker which was promised to her if she went. That very day about a half an hour after I put her down for a nap she comes strutting out of her room giggling and dancing around, ummmm what??? she had climbed out of her crib. It was impossible for me to be mad with the way she was acting. It was like a now what are you gona do Mom kind of attitude. She knew she had just done a major thing and now had all the freedom in the world. Yes, it was pretty funny at the time, but this past week has really thrown me off. I used to feel in such control of her life and my life with having that 3 hour break in the day, now it has turned into a little game for her of me putting her in her big girl bed then her sneaking out until I look at her and then she runs back into bed. It is not a very fun game!!! Without my break I have become so irritated and just can't function normally, it has really thrown me off. Plus with her playing her little game she keeps waking Emmy up, which just adds to the irritation! My neighbor suggested I buy a net made to fit over the crib, at first that seemed too cruel, but I promise I actually considered it yesterday. Also, in the past week she has become a bit of a smart mouth. A couple days ago Aaron kept saying Maile, Maile, but she kept ignoring him until finally she said "what Aaron" in an annoyed tone of voice. Also her new come back when I say she can't have a treat or do something she's not supposed to is "that's rude Mommy". She really is picking up on a lot of things. So between washing out 4 pairs of pee underwear, playing this little "nap game", and dealing with a sassy girl I would consider myself a stressed out mom! Any suggestions for potty training or big girl bed???? Plus to top it off Bingham lost in the semi finals last Friday and I promise that has put me into a bit of a depression. It has been a rough week.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall days

I feel like we have kept pretty busy this fall and I've loved every minute of it. We've had our 2 vacation/wedding trips which were super fun, football games, family gatherings, hiking, biking, blading (just being outside adventures). Whenever Aaron has days off we like to go out and do something fun. With the weather being so nice and the fall colors so beautiful we decided to head up to the mountains for a hike, unfortunately we were too late to see all the colors, instead we saw snow (at least it wasn't cold). We did a hike up at Snowbird that wasn't too long, but it was really pretty and just fun to be up in the mountains, the air is so fresh and I always love being out away from everything. Kamaile had fun playing in the snow, she wasn't very interested last year, so it got me excited that maybe this winter we can try building a snowman or play outside a little more, that is if I can handle it too. yikes! For right now I'll just keep enjoying playing outside in this beautiful fall weather.

The annual Sorensen Halloween party, obviously we didn't manage to get all the kids and everyone there for the costume picture. Justin's costume was just one out of the 15 he modeled for us (I'm not kidding)

I don't know that I have ever bobbed for apples, but I always figured it would be pretty easy, especially after David got it in 3 seconds, I was sure I would beat him....nope! It took me over 30 seconds, it was honestly hard and I was ticked I didn't get it in 2 seconds. Aaron got really cocky while I was bobbing for apples, he said "let me show you how its done". Well, that didn't happen it took him double the time and probably triple the wetness, ha ha ha! He was up to his shoulders in the water. He did beat Jenni's time though, so maybe that counts for something.

Halloween party at Aunt Mary's