Thursday, November 5, 2009


That's right we had it all Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tinman, toto, wicked witch of the west, east, and good witch of the north.


All the hard work paid off. These girls were loving it!!!

October was such a crazy, super fun month. Aaron's parents even came out for the last of the month and we did a whole lot of Halloween festivities. I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The girls are obsessed with the Wizard of Oz these days, so we went with that theme this year. Aaron's parents even joined in the fun. We threw their costumes together that day, but they were some of the best.
Halloween Cake pops with the girls! super fun and super yummy!
(thanks for the pictures Lauri) Annual pumpkin carving contest (too bad you weren't here to lose again Spencer). We stayed with the wizard of oz theme, I know it's after Halloween, but we still need a final vote
#1#2 #3
(this one got jipped with the picture, it was even better than this pictures makes it look)

IMG_4500 Olivia had such a cute little halloween ensemble for the month

Maile's joy school class parade and songs

We also went out Apple Annie's again, picked more apples, wagon rides, and of course had more of that yummy apple crumb pie.

We also went to the Tucson Zoo for the first time, I must say this was by far the best zoo experience I've ever had. IMG_4976
We're sure glad Grandma and Grandpa Kerr decided to add Sierra Vista to their long road trip across the country.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple Annie's and the Pumpkin Patch

Last year we always heard about the pumpkin patch but never went so I was excited to take the kids this year. It's over an hour drive, so that's always an issue for me. Aaron had to work but some of our friends were going so we tagged along, it was well worth the drive. The girls loved it especially the tractor ride out to the apple trees. Plus it was just fun to go somewhere new. I know picture overload, but there were just way too many perfect picture taking moments.I had high hopes of getting some cute pictures of just the 3 girls, but after one shot with Maile holding Livy while trying to balance on the pumpkin decided to bail on that idea.

While we wait for our delicious cheeseburgers and apple crumb pie! delish!

Emmy had to work so hard to get these apples, but was so proud of herself when she did it "all by herself" which is what she loves to do these days (everything is by herself).

5 at a time, that was Maile's goal to get the most all in one shot, she did pretty good.

I really don't think Emmy ever stopped smiling on the tractor ride, she kept saying "I've never been on a tractor ride before". She was beaming! Of course there's no way I would've ventured out by myself with the 3 kiddos to this place, so I'm glad we've got such great friends who helped me out... Thanks ya'll it was super fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Station

Emmy and Maile are obbsessed with the fire station these days. We pass it when we go running and when we go to church, they try to out due each other by yelling FIRE STATION!!! louder and faster than each other. So, there was a little fire safety fair this weekend which of course they LOVED!

This picture was taken moments before Emmy tipped over head first, luckily she was all padded up.

I think Olivia would have fit in one of the boots, but we didn't try.

A bunch of the neighborhood kids having a good time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kamaile's big day (a month ago)


The big day Maile had been waiting for finally arrived. Not only was it her 4 year birthday, but also her first day of joy school. She thought joy school was the greatest thing ever and wants to go every single day.
Her and Emmy are obsessed with Peter pan these days. We were going to do a fairy party, but we had to incorporate all the boys so we went with a Neverland theme. She loved it! So it made all the work woth it, but I'm not sure we'll try that one again. Good thing my friend Lauri was on top of it and took pictures for me, I'm so bad at remembering pictures during these chaotic moments.


Her castle cake that was on the verge of loosing its top tier the entire time


In fairyland we ate dinner then had a boys vs. girls treaure hunt at pirates cove
The girls found all their fairy costumes

boys found their pirate costumes, but not until after the girls so they had to walk the plank (I don't think they minded)Off to the Indian encampment for face paint, Indian headbands, pow wow and relay race through the tepee and tunnels775

Next was Mermaid Lagoon, but we didn't get any pictures of them digging out their sand treasures. Finally back to Fairyland for presents and cake.780

Luckily the cake lasted for it's big day beau to top off a great, fun, crazy, lots of work birthday party.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Olivia's blessing

With most the family there for the funeral we decided to bless little Olivia. Aaron gave her a beautiful blessing.

829 I didn't get enough pictures in Utah, so I took some more when we got back, she is so precious and continues to be the best little baby, I just can't seem to kiss her enough.
Sometimes it is near impossible to get these girls to take some pictures, but....
after some bribbery I think I got my new favorite picture of the 3 girls