Sunday, November 23, 2008

Round 3

So I'm still trying to figure out the problem with getting pictures onto the blog, this was an experiement. I wrote this poem forever ago, but I"m so sick of the same post I needed to do something. Hopefully I can get some of our christmas pictures up and give an update from the past 2 months.

I've waited long enough to post this news
20 weeks along and 20 more to cruise

Another little one is on its way
the due date is set for may

Our 2 little girls are so much fun
we are so excited to have another one

I feel great, can't complain
just wish I wasn't growing like a freight train


Monday, November 10, 2008

JP's oops! JM"s wedding

For some reason our computer hasn't been uploading pictures, well I guess it does like every 15th time or neve.r I've lost patience for it. Most of these are from April. I had some good ones, so maybe if I can figure out the problem I'll add more.
Kamaile, Emmy and Abe had a great time in the tub and I got some fun pictures, but Emmy's is the only one that uploaded. Has anyone ever had this problem before? It is so annoying, I might not post until I figure it out, cause it takes forever and it puts me in a bad mood. Anyways......

We all made the treck up to Pheonix last week and spent some time with some of Aaron's family Spencer and Rachel drove down from Flagstaff. It was really fun, we haven't seen Rachel and her family for a while, so it was fun for the cousins to have some playtime. We were able to finally go to the temple, a tennis match with great seats, super fun parks, and of course play lots of Settlers.

Wahoo! JP got hitched this past weekend and it was so fun to see her and some of the BFF girls from Hawaii again, we missed ya Britt and Emily. Aaron had to head back for work on Friday but me and the girls stuck around for Jodi's wedding on Saturday. As you can see Jodi was absolutely gorgeous!!! Maile kept calling her a princess and wouldn't leave her alone.
Good times with these girls - I sure miss ya'll!I promise they told us to look sexy and sassy (which is exactly the look I'm giving).Maile finally got her moment with the princessDances aren't quite the same with kids, but don't you worry I still was able to get a little quality dance time in.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween festivities!!

Jasmine, caterpillar (trash can, pippy long stockings people called me), Baby Bop
We forgot to get a picture with Uncle Spencer which is too bad cause he had a great superhero costume on.


After going to the church for some trunk or treating we hit up the neighborhood and met up with some friends. John, Nya, Sammy, and Ethan
Maile doesn't know when to stop, she loves her treats!!!
Emmy wasn't willing to put forth much effort trick or treating I had to carry her around and hold her bag, but she sure was ready and willing to eat as much of that candy as fast as she could.

Holidays just keep getting more fun the older the girls get. Maile was in a daze, it was like she just couldn't believe what was happening that people would just give her handfuls of candy for saying "trick or treat". Aaron had to work that night, but his brother Spencer came down for a couple of days and was there to go trick or treating with us which made things a bit easier. So, Spencer kept trying to keep her focused on her task of getting the most candy in the fastest amount of time, but every time we would try tell her something it was like she couldn't hear us and she just had this dazed look on her face. She kept going to the wrong houses or walking in the wrong direction. She was funny to watch and of course she loved it! The girls were sugared up and had a hard time getting to sleep that night.

While we did this the kids did this........Since we don't have our nice basement set up like our old house we just moved the projector into our room, the girls think it is the best when we have a movie night with popcorn and drinks on the big screen on our bed.

Of course after last year I don't feel like Halloween is complete without getting in a good pumpkin carving thanks to Allie, Matt, Erin, and John. sure missed you guys this year. Finding a pumpkin in Sierra Vista actually was the biggest problem. We spent hours looking for a dang pumpkin! How ridiculous is that? Well part of the problem is that we

are cheap and don't like to spend much more than $5 on one, so the pumpkin patch seemed a bit too pricey, so we went to all the grcoery stores (4) including the military base one and wal mart. All they had were the tiny ones, so finally after making the rounds we ended up back at the pumpkin patch to fork out the dough. We had a pumpkin carving party, but Spencer and I ended up being the only ones who didn't free hand it. We found patterns and the contest was on. So, which one do you like the best?