Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This past week was full of fun! We spent a lot of time with Jenni and the boys since David gone. We went swimming in Provo, made some fancy slips (ha ha), well okay tried, failed, and eventually bought some and then added a little somethin (Jenni's turned out great). I really am horrible with sewing, but I keep thinking it will get easier, no such luck. Jenni came up to our house for night then to Liberty Park in the morning where they have these fun streams, bridges, and ponds to float plastic balls down. Julie and her kids and my Mom joined us for a fun filled day! I would love to go again if anyone wants to join.

Happy Pioneer Day!

Aaron had to work in the morning, so me and the girls went with Cody, Brooke and Noah to the parade in Salt Lake. It was HOT! literally! I always love the parade atmosphere even though yes it is crowded, hot, not comfortable, and they don't throw candy anymore.I always have a good time seeing the fun floats and people. Kamaile started out clapping and squealing, but eventually lost her enthusiasm and I don't think Emmy ever really had fun. (maybe one day they'll appreciate the sacrifice I make for them to have fun) jokes! Another highlight of the parade was that we were sitting directly across from Taylor Hicks, I swear! Sorry no pictures to prove it.

After the parade we had a bbq at my Uncle Kimo's with all the cousins and aunts and uncles, it was a good time. The girls were pretty wiped out, so we didn't see any fireworks this year, I was really sad about that.

I'm kind of getting into the matching thing with the girls, Kamaile thinks its so fun when they are in the same kind of theme clothes. You can't really tell on the one, but its an Elmo theme and obviously the Hawaiian girls

I feel like I hardly take any pictures of Emmy in comparison to Kamaile when she was that age, so I've been on a role with little photo shoots to try to make up for the past couple months, here's some of my favorites.....


Traci said...

Kamaile is so stinkin big! Your kids are so cute I wish I could see them in person. I can't believe how big Emmy is too!
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and are keeping busy. Utah has so many fun places to go. And lots of fun parks. Man I can't wait to move there. It's dead here.

Matt and Allison said...

Hey Jess,
I love the pics, they are adorable! We need to get together soon, its been forever!

David said...

Jess...those slips are super fancy - don't laugh :) Hey, do you have any more pics from liberty park? I keep trying to explain it to David, but...I just need pictures. Did you say the girls are dressed in an elmo theme?

David said...

Taylor Hicks? good one.

Cody and Brooke said...

I was too bummed about the candy throwing. That was always the best part. And yes, I attest that Taylor Hicks was sitting across from us :)