Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall days

I feel like we have kept pretty busy this fall and I've loved every minute of it. We've had our 2 vacation/wedding trips which were super fun, football games, family gatherings, hiking, biking, blading (just being outside adventures). Whenever Aaron has days off we like to go out and do something fun. With the weather being so nice and the fall colors so beautiful we decided to head up to the mountains for a hike, unfortunately we were too late to see all the colors, instead we saw snow (at least it wasn't cold). We did a hike up at Snowbird that wasn't too long, but it was really pretty and just fun to be up in the mountains, the air is so fresh and I always love being out away from everything. Kamaile had fun playing in the snow, she wasn't very interested last year, so it got me excited that maybe this winter we can try building a snowman or play outside a little more, that is if I can handle it too. yikes! For right now I'll just keep enjoying playing outside in this beautiful fall weather.

The annual Sorensen Halloween party, obviously we didn't manage to get all the kids and everyone there for the costume picture. Justin's costume was just one out of the 15 he modeled for us (I'm not kidding)

I don't know that I have ever bobbed for apples, but I always figured it would be pretty easy, especially after David got it in 3 seconds, I was sure I would beat him....nope! It took me over 30 seconds, it was honestly hard and I was ticked I didn't get it in 2 seconds. Aaron got really cocky while I was bobbing for apples, he said "let me show you how its done". Well, that didn't happen it took him double the time and probably triple the wetness, ha ha ha! He was up to his shoulders in the water. He did beat Jenni's time though, so maybe that counts for something.

Halloween party at Aunt Mary's


Matt and Allison said...

FUn Jess, I love bobbing for apples. I swear it really does seem like it would be so easy, but its way hard! You guys need to come over and play guitar hero. i know you will love it.

Cody and Brooke said...

How stinkin' cute are those pictures!? Kamaile is such a big girl! And just looking at those pictures in the mountains with the snow caused me to be jealous- I love the cool, crisp, fresh mountain air! You ought to take Kamaile skiing this year. We were going to take Noah if we had come to Utah for Christmas.... did I tell you we are not coming! It's such a bummer. Cody only has Christmas Day off! Can you believe that?
Thanks for the flattering comments about my dancing skills :) You are too sweet as is Kamaile. But, I'm absolutely positive that you could show me up in a dance-off!

millisue said...

Fun Jessie. Those mountains make me miss Utah! And bobbing for apples can be dangerous. One time my Dad hurt his jaw doing it. But it is still fun! Glad you are doing well... on and love the costumes!

The Murdocks said...

I miss Utah right now too! I hope we live there at the same time soon so we can hang are always doing fun stuff that we would love to do! Bobbing for apples is ridiculously harder than it looks.

Jonathan & Britney McCauley said...

You are just the best mom ever!!! How fun to go hiking and playing outside!!! Okay, kamaile is getting so big and too cute!!! It is just so fun to stare at the pictures and see who she looks like. She is a good mix of you and aaron. And bobbing for apples...i have never done that before either..i always thought it was easy...i guess i better try it.

Margaret said...


Your girls are soooo cute! Brooke reminded me that I was going to give you our blog info just in case you wanna keep tabs on us :). is there an e-mail address I can send it too? or you can just ask brooke for it. e-mail me anyway @ so that I have your e-mail address and I'll send our blog stuff on :)! isn't blogging GRRRRREAT!!!?