Monday, April 28, 2008

Happiest place on earth!!!

Last week we went to Disneyland!!! I hadn't been for 13 years and it was Maile and Emmy's first trip there. Too bad Aaron couldn't meet up with us, the A is representing him. hee hee! Maile can't wait to go again and show him all her new friends. We decided to splurge and have one last hura (?) with my sister Jodi and her family before they leave for Germany and we leave for Arizona. Jodi's in laws were also there from Germany and my mom and brother Josh came along too, good thing, cause I needed some help without Aaron.
Disneyland is such a magical place, it honestly felt like we were in a magical little world there - I loved it!!

It was my first time to California Adventure, I loved Soarin over California and Screamin California

This picture just shows how much Maile loved seeing characters even if she didn't know half of them. She would just run up and hug them until they let go. When she finished hugging Minnie Mouse she said "I love you Minnie" and she honestly did love every character she saw, it was the highlights of the trip when we saw one.

Seeing the princesses left Maile in awe, she was so fun to watch cause she was just in a daze during any princess moment. Notice that she wore her princess shirt every day no matter how dirty it
I had to throw this picture in since it was the longest wait we had, but who goes to Disneyland and doesn't get a picture with Mickey, right? (at least that's what I kept telling myself)

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Matt , Allie, & Kate said...

oh my gosh! You have no idea how excited that made me and how jealous I am! I'm glad you had a fun outing. Hey, we want to go to Park City on Thursday the 8th. You in?