Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still here

Ok so I don't know if anyone even checks our blog any more since I haven't put a new post up forever, but yes we are still here in Utah and yes Aaron is still gone, but hopefully the end is in sight. Just to give a quick run down. Aaron finished his training in New Mexico the end of May and had 9 days off. We stayed busy those days just getting things for the house and taking care of business around here, but we still had a great time. Maile never wanted to leave his side, she was so mad the morning she came to get in bed with us and he wasn't there. She insisted on him doing everything for her including changing her diapers and getting her ready which was totally great for me. Those days flew by and once again we said our good byes and he headed down to begin the real deal. He's living with some fellow border patrol guys until we move out there, hopefully in one month from today. Monday was his first real day on the job and they caught 9 illegals, Tuesday caught 7, and today they caught 24! So, they stay really busy and I get freaked out thinking of just how much action they get down there, I can't think about it too much or I go crazy. Despite my paranoia's(?) he is really enjoying the job and is happy to finally be done with training. He gives me daily updates on the progress of the house, we are crossing our fingers that they won't push the closing date back again.

The drinking fountain is their new favorite spot, it's the swimming pool for all her princesses.

As for me and the girls we are in the backyard every day (even in this crazy June weather) my parents have such a fun backyard with a sand volleyball court, playground, tramp, and horses. We rarely go to the park these days cause Maile just doesn't want to leave, she loves playing out there in the sand and on the tramp with her princesses.
Emmy could just point at the horses and try to mimic their sounds all day (she wasn't that into the horses at this moment). I don't know why I bother getting them dressed, because they always get soaked from sprinklers or muddy from the fountain, but oh well it's summer time and that is what you do, I love it!
Also it is both my in laws 60th Birthdays this week, so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them!


Angie said...

hi Jessie! The frame of your house looks awesome. It's going to be such a great place for you. I'm excited for you! I read about your triathlon. You're so incredible. And you DO look hot in those wetsuits. Seriously. Love you. I wish I could see you before you leave!

Matt , Allie, & Kate said...

Good to have you back!

thekerrclan said...

I check out your blog all the time!

kerrbc said...

I could have done without the mention of the big birthday. I love your blog and seeing pictures of my darling little granddaughters. It's fun to follow their escapades even if I can't be there. Soon your little family will be together again. That will be great. My favorite thing is when Maile sings to me on the phone. Thanks for keeping us up on the goings on in your little part of the world. Love Connie, Grandma Kerr

John and Erin said...

Wow I can't believe they catch that many people coming over. And I hope the house gets pushed back a little so you can stay a little longer.

Julz said...

So when are you coming? I'm excited to hangout with you and the girls!