Monday, August 11, 2008

Tombstone anyone????

I have actually never heard of Tombstone, but it seems that many people have so in case anyone wants to come visit we only live 20 minutes from there. I guess that is where people take visitors when ya come out here. Here are some pictures to get ya'll excited for your visit.
Some of you may recognize Jessica (Quist, sp??) now Mitchell she went to Bingham and now she and her husband Tyler Mitchell also from Bingham are here until November for military, small world hu? We went out to Tombstone with them and Maile and her got put in jail of course ya have to bail them out. The town thrives on tourism so everything costs $ even taking pictures with all the crazy western characters who are walking around.

They had horse carriage rides, but we weren't willing to fork out the dough so this was as close to that experience as we could get for the girls.

The girls got a bit cranky so we didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, so when someone comes to visit hopefully we can get more and better ones.

They act out a western scene with guns and whiskey every couple of hours here's a few "shots" from that. There seriously were so many people even women dressed in the fancy western dresses with hats and fans, they were decked out. One guy I really wished we had a picture of but he was too scarey to talk to he had a real glass eye and just a mean look. I guess he is supposed to be one of the bad guys cause he had a red scarf. It is just a totally different world over there and the more I think about it it's just a funny experience that I'm glad we had even though at the time we just kept thinking how can people live here and do this every day? It might be kind of fun to just pretend like you're living in a western movie for a little while anyway.

We managed to sneak a picture of this guy while he was doing a little dance.

Just keep me posted when ya'll want to come down for a visit.


Jourdan said...

Yep, we went there a few years ago when my grandparents lived in St. David.

Old tourist places are so weird, don't you think?

Cody and Brooke said...

Hey Jessie! Are you in seventh heaven being together again with Aaron. You are such a trooper. Tombstone, we will have to take a trip down so you can play tour guide. I am glad you already have a friend there to show you the ropes, that's wonderful. yes, we did move into our home a month ago. I love having a garage!!! Your home is beautiful. I love how you have decorated. Are you enjoying it there?

Cody and Brooke said...

Also! The girls are looking adorable!

Julz said...

Hey Jess! We need to hangout now that we live in the same state! Did you hear that Jodi's engaged? That means BFF reunion in AZ soon!

Jessica said...

Jessie...I hate to tell you...last name...Waters...not Quist...haha! Fun pics! Our blog is!