Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loved seeing Utah in the fall

This trip showed just how much the girls miss being around grandma, grandpa, the cousins and everyone Fall in Utah is my favorite time of year for many reasons, football, the beautiful weather, the harvest, halloween activities, and of course the beautiful leafs. We stayed long enough to go to 2 football games and fit in plenty of other fun things I've been missing. We had such a great time I wasn't sure I'd be able to come back that is until the snow came on Sunday then heading back to sunny Arizona didn't sound too bad.

Maile is always laughing with uncle Jakey she had so much fun with everyone.

Of course we had to go swimming at our old pool with cousins - the girls loved it!
It was so fun to cheer for Justin

Maile loved going to the football games, her favorite thing is to look for Cosmo and to do the ra ra ra ra ra goooo kicker! We went to Utah State and New Mexico games, which weren't the best for BYU but at least they won (unlike Thursday, I'm still raging mad so I don't want to think about the game). We attempted many times to catch him for a high 5 and finally were able to chase him down for a high 5 and a picture. I love going to football games!

The girls and I couldn't get enough of the never ending garden veggies and fruit, it was heavenly! I've been wanting some a that for way too long. I just love being able to put a whole tomatoe or 2 on everything without skimping. True we all got a little messed up with overendulging, but it was well worth it.

Got to love the Zoo.

One of my favorites - the witches at Gardner Village
Maile couldn't wait to see witchy poo


Jordan said...


I don't want to talk about the game on Thursday, either. But I was at least glad to see BYU still in the top 25 today.

Glad you had a fun trip back to Utah.

Allie said...

Hey Jess,
It was so fun seeing you! Did you make it back to Cafe Rio any more after that?
Hey I am definitely planning a trip down there. I am thinking in January, though. Does that work? I'm sure I will be wanting to get the heck away from the freezing weather around then.

Cody and Brooke said...

Jessie! Cute pictures. How are you? How is your new life?! I bet you are just happy as a lark to be with Aaron. I want to hear about your town. Funny you commented about the painting do-over because I actually showed Cody your blog and said "see honey, I am not the only one". :) I hope that somehow we can see you guys again soon. The girls are growing up so quickly!

the murdocks said...

I love utah in the fall! One of my fave things about moving here :) It was so stinking fun seeing you TWICE this trip! Thanks for stopping by and bringing reese that cute dress. That was such a fun surprise to see you again. Hey...I need your address...can you some how (text, blog, e-mail, phone) give it to me?? Thanks!

John and Erin said...

I'm sad I missed you. I went home this past weekend and must have just barely missed you. I've never seen John so mad as he was during that game. Are you coming home for thanksgiving or Christmas? If so we've got to get together.

Britney said...

Hey Jess, I know that football game was so hard to watch. I was so so so mad. I was totally expecting a different game. It was crazy. I think jon just likes to get me worked up and cheer for TCU. So did you go to phoenix this weekend for the run? I so wish i could have. Well it was so good to hear from you. Your house looks sooo great!