Sunday, December 28, 2008



So, I think we figured out the problem with our pictures, so now I will try to be better with posting. Be prepared this is a long one!!! Mostly it's long cause we got a new camera for Christmas and have gone wild with it. So these pictures are some of the first I've played with and I feel clueless, but still think it's fun to mess with. The holiday season has been so fun, it just gets better and better each year. It was all so magical for Maile this year. Her new favorite pretend game is frosty the snowman.

Aaron's parents drove all the way out from Ohio to spend a week with us, so hopefully they felt like their 35 hour drive was worth it, I know we sure did. The girls had so much fun with them and once again it made me homesick to live close to family. Aaron's sister Rachel and her family came down from Flagstaff along with his brother Spencer from Phoenix. So, we had a full little house, but it all worked out and we had a great time. As always with Aarons family we play a lot of games - catch phrase, ping pong, settlers, and dodge ball, had a lot of yummy food, good laughs, and great memories.


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The girls had so much fun with "Grandma and Grandpa Kerr" and their little dog Penny. Maile loved playing games and reading books with Grandma Kerr.


One nice thing about a small town is that the Santa at the mall never had kids there so we'd walk right up and Maile could talk to him forever if we let her. We went a couple of times and she always had so many questions for him, like where's Rudolph? Did you come on your sleigh? Where is Mrs. Claus? she could go on and on. This Santa was at our ward party and she didn't get quite the one on one attention she was used to at the mall but of course she still loved another chance to see Santa.




We made a trip out to Bisbee which is about 30 min away, it is a unique little old mining town. It's fun to walk around and see all the cute little shops and restaurants.



We played dodge ball in the club house which was pretty small, but lots of fun, even if Spencer did win both rounds and was annoyingly cocky about it. At least Settlers was a different story.


The weather was pretty nice for a few days so we took advantage and went swimming a lot and to the park.



Maile played Mary, Spemcer was a Shepard when we acted out the nativity. It was a bit of a challenge with all the kids being under 3, but it was so cute.





The girls got a lot of dress up clothes and other pretend things, cause that is what they love to do all day - pretend.

Although our Christmas present was supposed to be the camera Aaron pulled a sneakdawg and of course went all out like he always does and got me an elipticle. I on the other hand just did what he told me and didn't get him a dang thing. He loves to out due me every year. But I guess I can't complain I love the elipticle! and will put it to good use now that I'm too big to run. So, as for me and the girls we can say it was a very merry Christmas, Aaron may have been a bit disappointed, but he got the camera right?


Jourdan said...

Whoah, cute pictures Jesse! Did you get a new camera?

SO excited for your #3!

Did you know that I was in St. David in November and wanted to come see you and your house SOO bad but we ended up being late to my cousins reception and only stayed down there for an hour. We headed back up to Mesa after that. Dang, cause I miss you bad.

Here's to the OGDEN MARATHON 2010! You in? (I'd feel weird now not doing one with you...)

Jourdan said...

Or how about I come down and do the Ragnar in AZ...

Laurel and Justin said...

Congratulations Jessie! Your Christmas card was so cute! Your girls are adorable!

John and Erin said...

Hey hey Jess!!!! It's been forever. Thanks for the Christmas card. I loved it and especially loved hearing that you're prego! I'm thrilled for you guys. Sounds like you're all doing great. I miss ya.

The Sorensens said...

Fun pictures. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Madame Mauri said...

I love the pictures! Especially of Bisbee, we went there once and it was so fun! I'm glad you had family there for Christmas. Congrats on your pregnancy, when is your due date? We are expecting a girl, ours is May 21st, it seems like you must be close to that date too! I love that you are so healthy, even when pregnant, that is an inspiration! congrats again!

Allie said...

JESSIE? I am so glad you are back into the blogging world...
Way cute pics, it looks like you had a great christmas. We missed you though! I can't believe you are having another girl!! That is so awesome. Is Aaron excited? Thought of any names? I guess I just need to call you since I have like 120 questions for you. I also need to catch up on any gossip...
What kind of camera did you end up getting? The pics look awesome!

the murdocks said...

It looked like a great christmas! But I still wish you were here ;)
The pics look a ton better I'm glad you figured it out. Are you loving your camera?! It makes such a difference hey?

Cody and Brooke said...

Hey Jessie! So excited for you guys! I love your pictures you took, beautiful. I am curious, what camera did you get? We just got a new one last week. So, I am hoping we can share photography knowledge and ideas. Please.. ;)

thekerrclan said...

Too big to run? You don't even look pregnant...what's up with that?

kerrbc said...

Jessie - You did a great job with the pictures - wasn't quiet that warm when we were there...