Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I am still here with my big belly and no baby

Once again no hospital pictures, but at least this week I've had my mom and dad in town to keep me sane. They were hoping to see the new baby that should have been born a week ago, but that still hasn't happened. My dad only stayed for a couple of days and is already gone, but my mom is here until Tuesday so I sure hope I can have her here for a little help when the baby finally comes. I've tried fast walks, jumping squats, running, skipping, hopping, bumpy roads and all it did was give me pain and soreness. I almost tried castro oil today but I'm kind of scared, if nothing happens tonight or at my doctors appointment tomorrow I think I'll kick it up a notch and try some. For now we've just tried to have fun and stay busy to keep my mind off the never ending pregnancy.
. 023

Good times with Grandma and Grandpa, the girls are loving life!

hiking in Ramsey Canyon

Don't you just love the random art work they have, this is at the "bark park".

We even ventured down to see the border fence. My mom was scared to get out of the car, so we were laughing about it as I took a picture from the car window.

My next post will be of my 20 lb. full head of hair baby.


Brooke said...

These are fun pictures but I just get a kick out of your baby counter on the right.. informing you that your baby is 5 days old! lol!

The Beards said...

hey, atleast you still look great! Can't wait till i get to see her in florida. good luck!!! jennie

Jourdan said...


1) You look awesome. Of course.

2) No amount of physical activity is gonna do it, since you're already so active.

3)There is nothing to be scared about C.O. except maybe a few nice sessions on the toilet. It's actually kinda nice to get all cleaned out!

4) I'll email you the detes of what happened to me and the few other friends that took c.o. in desperation. Let's just say that one had the baby in her bed that night. Literally. .... so maybe you aren't that desperate.

5) I need your # to chat.

thekerrclan said...

Once again - you have my empathy! I seriously thought I would lose my mind. I tried everything (aside from castor oil - and I only skipped that because Greg couldn't find it at the store. :) I mopped the entire kitchen, entry, morning room on my hands and knees - it took four hours (gave me a nice clean floor) and made me so sore - but no baby. My well-meaning friend said, "Try not to get too anxious - your baby is just getting last minute instructions for how to handle this world." That didn't even make me feel better. We're thinking of you guys and wishing you all the best when she does decide to arrive!

emilyy said...

WHAT!!!!! no baby yet. So sorry to hear that. Eat spicy food tonight and go for a long run! good luck!!!

John and Erin said...

Yeah jess! You're so close. I'm so excited for you. Hang in there! And no worries you're still looking great.

Brittany Lewis said...

Jessie - you honestly look fantastic. Nice work!

Britney said...

Hang in there Jess!! The good news still look great! It looks like you are still skinny with a super cute belly. My face gets soo swollen looking when im at the end of the pregnancy, yours looks thin!! So jealous! Cant wait to hear the good news!