Thursday, November 5, 2009


That's right we had it all Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tinman, toto, wicked witch of the west, east, and good witch of the north.


All the hard work paid off. These girls were loving it!!!

October was such a crazy, super fun month. Aaron's parents even came out for the last of the month and we did a whole lot of Halloween festivities. I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The girls are obsessed with the Wizard of Oz these days, so we went with that theme this year. Aaron's parents even joined in the fun. We threw their costumes together that day, but they were some of the best.
Halloween Cake pops with the girls! super fun and super yummy!
(thanks for the pictures Lauri) Annual pumpkin carving contest (too bad you weren't here to lose again Spencer). We stayed with the wizard of oz theme, I know it's after Halloween, but we still need a final vote
#1#2 #3
(this one got jipped with the picture, it was even better than this pictures makes it look)

IMG_4500 Olivia had such a cute little halloween ensemble for the month

Maile's joy school class parade and songs

We also went out Apple Annie's again, picked more apples, wagon rides, and of course had more of that yummy apple crumb pie.

We also went to the Tucson Zoo for the first time, I must say this was by far the best zoo experience I've ever had. IMG_4976
We're sure glad Grandma and Grandpa Kerr decided to add Sierra Vista to their long road trip across the country.


Spencer said...

Well, it is your blog, so I suppose you can use it to re-write history if you like, but we both know that the mouse pumpkins was everyone's favorite. It would have been even better if you weren't hogging all of the carving tools. Regardless, I love the Wizard of Oz theme for the year. Emmy looks so happy to be the witch, and Kamalie is perfect for Dorothy. I'm sure she loved the ruby slippers.

Anonymous said...

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