Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I am still here with my big belly and no baby

Once again no hospital pictures, but at least this week I've had my mom and dad in town to keep me sane. They were hoping to see the new baby that should have been born a week ago, but that still hasn't happened. My dad only stayed for a couple of days and is already gone, but my mom is here until Tuesday so I sure hope I can have her here for a little help when the baby finally comes. I've tried fast walks, jumping squats, running, skipping, hopping, bumpy roads and all it did was give me pain and soreness. I almost tried castro oil today but I'm kind of scared, if nothing happens tonight or at my doctors appointment tomorrow I think I'll kick it up a notch and try some. For now we've just tried to have fun and stay busy to keep my mind off the never ending pregnancy.
. 023

Good times with Grandma and Grandpa, the girls are loving life!

hiking in Ramsey Canyon

Don't you just love the random art work they have, this is at the "bark park".

We even ventured down to see the border fence. My mom was scared to get out of the car, so we were laughing about it as I took a picture from the car window.

My next post will be of my 20 lb. full head of hair baby.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Still Waiting

I was hoping the next post would be the classic hospital pictures announcing the arrival of our new little gal (still figuring the name out if anyone has suggestions), but nope instead its just of my enormous belly that continues to stretch and me venting about it.. I'm not sure what it is about going over due that makes me insane this time around. I mean really I've gone 40 weeks what's another couple days right? You'd think, but another couple days is sounding unbearable lately. I went over 6 days with Emmy and don't remember feeling like this. I guess I had high hopes for my doctors appointment today thinking I would basically go straight to the hospital or have him say I'm sure by tonight you'll be in labor, instead all I got was well nothing is happening so I guess we'll see you next week. Maybe my hormones are out of control right now, but I actually started crying on the way home. I don't know if it's just the thoughts of going to church another Sunday with everyone saying oh your still here, if I just don't want to pee every couple of minutes, if I could put a stop to the shooting leg pains, or if I just want to sleep on my stomach again, but seriuosly I don't know how much longer I can take it. Of course I am just dieing to finally hold this little babe in my arms instead of in my belly and to see if she'll be another identical baby like Emmy and Maile were.

I planned to have Aaron take that cute prego picture but forgot, so maybe tomorrow I'll post it, but for now this is the update.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting anxious for another one of these


These past couple weeks have been busy just finishing projects that I had on the to do list before baby comes and since that date always seems sooooo far away I've procrastinated, but when I reached 37 weeks I decided that date actually might come, so I had better get goin. The weather also kicked up like 100 degrees and I'm always a sweaty mess, so we play at the pool each and every day, sometimes twice or like today 3 times, it just feels so dang good, I can't get enough of it. Well it took longer than usual but I've reached that point where I'm totally ready for this baby to come. Just yesterday I started getting way too anxious. I feel like everyone who was due around the same time as me has had their babies. This time around I've had more comments than ever about how ready I look. Seriously wherever I go people do a double take or just have to comment about me looking "so ready" or that I look ready to pop. Some new ones this week have been as I was comparing 2 things at the store a man walked by and said "oh that's got to be nice to have a table to rest things on" another random guy said "pumpkin seed?" what? that's weird. Anyways I realize I'm huge this time around I must be much bigger because I seriously get a ton of comments and have been getting them for the last 2 months, I'm more ok with it now since I'm due in 10 days. I also aquired some stretch marks this time around, which scares me that she's going to be a big one. Thoughts of the delivery always scare me and are on my mind a bit more this time since I've heard some scary stories about the hospital down here. If I think about it too much I get anxiety. As anxious as I feel it is a fun and exciting thought to think any day she could decide to come and I know when she does everything will change for our little family. I'm excited to see how Maile and Emmy will react to a baby, because they've been so into babies and dolls lately (I'm definitely going to watch them closely so they don't try changing her diaper, feeding her all the crazy things they give their dolls or carrying her around the way they do their dolls), but really I think they will love having a new little sister.
As you can tell, we have been loving our backyard and are out there every afternoon. I always took grass for grantide, but boy am I grateful for it these days.