Monday, June 7, 2010

Olivia's first Birthday!!!

I can't believe this was a year ago. I promise that pregnancy lasted longer than this past year. We had one crazy party for the little gal.

The party planners

chowin down on her favorite meal ever - mac n' cheese
In awe of her great presents
She had fun digging in a little bit but really preferred us feed her.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool

As huge and annoying as this whale may be to get to the pool (I have to take the double stroller now so it has a place to go), it is worth it for Olivia's excitement. She loves this thing. She gets sooo excited just to have it in the water even if she isn't riding it.

Man! I cannot even believe my little baby is one! For some reason I have cherished this baby time more than I did with Maile and Emmy (maybe that is bad to admit). Usually I am kind of anxious for them to move on to the next stage, to start walking and talking. Perhaps now I realize how fast they grow up, so I know that day will come soon enough. I love that she is my little snuggle girl. She is way more attached to me than Emmy or Maile ever were yes sometimes it is annoying, but in some ways I love that she loves being near me so much. She is such my little baby even though she turned one and is getting older I will just keep snugglin her and treating her like my little baby as long as I can.


thekerrclan said...

Can't wait to see you all. AGREED - they grow up WAY too fast.

Jourdan said...

Flo is my bacon-saver! She has been so fun, I may just have a million babies if I could guarantee they come out just like her! So glad you're enjoying it too!

That pic of her with her mouth open opening presents is hilarious!

Analia said...

HAPPY B-DAY Sweet Livy...she is so big already and has more hair than Maddy...I can;t wait to see you guys in Utah!!!