Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun Week!

Spent a night in Tombstone, this was the highlight of the night, well and the scorpion suckers.
(I'm not so good at the serious western glare, which is basically why we chose the only one I'm smiling in) Guess who was the princess game winner? Ya, the one with the huge nose ring, isn't she beatiful? The girls sure thought Grandpa made a lovely princess.Livy didn't let Grandma and Grandpa get too close unless there was a kiss involved then she didn't seem to be too shy. Once she started she kept 'em comin.
Thinking about it
Going in for a big wet one........

got it! The girls new favorite place in Sierra Vista- the skate park. They wanted to be sure to take Grandma and Grandpa there to show them all their new tricks. I think it's a new favorite for Aaron too,

We had so much fun with Grandpa and Grandma, it was hard to say good bye. The girls keep talking about how sad it is that they had to leave. We love having family come down, but when they leave we have a period of feeling "family sick" , we are dealing with now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This week

For the past couple months I feel like it is rare for us to go a day without putting our swimsuits on. It is just too dang hot to do anything else but play in water. We don't get up to Tucson too often especially in the summer we try to avoid it, but Aaron had to go up there so we decided to join him on the drive then ventured off to one of our favorite places there....the zoo. I promise even though I am not much of an animal fan I really genuinely love going to the Tucson zoo. It is so pleasant every time we go. There are a ton of trees (it kind of feels tropical or something, maybe that is why I love it) there's never a crowd, the animals are always active like this time the elephant was totally dancing if you don't believe me I got video (never figured out how to put video on here, but I have proof) the polar bear is always swimming without fail. The tiger usually strolls right past us, no joke we could be skin to skin if it weren't for the glass separating us. Maile loves the monkeys because more than once they have been sitting on the same rock staring at each other for long periods of time. This was a hot one though! I had second thoughts about being there when drops of sweat started dripping off my nose just as I was getting the girls situated in the stroller to start the day! As soon as we got there we headed for the "watering hole" got drenched, walked around, got drenched again, walked around some more, that was the only way to do it. We had so much fun! If I had pictures of myself in this water place I promise I would have the same facial expressions as the girls, we had a blast!

This is one reason why I love Sundays because it is one day of the week where I feel like we actually get dressed up and I actually do something with myself and the girls, so I always think they look so cute and clean, I just had to have a photo shoot this week, but here's how that went: mouths full of treats trying to bribe at least one cute picture of sleep deprived Livy. Bribery does work for Emmy and Maile to hold still but not necessarily to smile and look at the camera.

I just bought these hair things and totally fell in love with them- I love how wild and crazy they are

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More from our vacation


The water wasn't too cold for Livy she loved it!
The girls spent most of their time playing in the sand
The water was pretty high this year at Bear Lake so there were some awesome sandbars we played on for hours. Loved it!
I decided I am terrible at taking pictures especially when I see others with a camera I just figure oh I'll get a copy (which almost never happens). Anyways I was just so excited to get these pictures from our other camera uploaded only to find out I hardly took any pictures. So here's some of the few from our trip out to Ohio and Maryland.Brooklyn's baptism
Camping at Lake ErieGrandpa and Maile were a hit in the Dancing with the Stars contest. Maile had the time of her life dancing with Grandpa, she still always talks about it and loves to hear that song on the radio.

Aaron and his brothers - Greg and Spencer performing Blue Man for the family talent show in Maryland. Greg and Tacie's family performed this for their ward talent show so they supplied everything. It was awesome! Everyone loved it!