Sunday, March 27, 2011

The latest

Our St. Patrick's Day pot of gold hunt!
Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Maile is really into the pinching thing and will just all of the sudden decide we are playing leprechaun day and if you aren't wearing green she'll pinch you, hopefully she will get over it soon, cause I'm sick of getting pinched!

Our cave hike!
The girls love to go on lion hunts at home and of course it always ends with us finding the lion in a cave, so when they found out we were hiking to a cave it was really exciting until we were actually in the cave then they started to get freaked out, but once we were out and done with the cave they love talking about it.

With BYU doing so well in basketball we decided we would get cable so Aaron could keep up on his march madness. (I say Aaron cause I've never been into basketball, but this year BYU got me hooked) I thought it was really fun even though BYU didn't do as good as we were hoping - now that they are out I'm not as into it, but Aaron is still loving it!
As for me, well I'm just livin large as you can see with another 3 months to go!!
Maile started up t-ball again- she loves that! She is so excited to be registering
for kindergarten this week.
Livy can be such a monster these days! She loves yelling and squawking at us ordering all of us around until she gets what she wants (although that is so hard to figure out).
I don't really remember Maile and Emmy having a terrible 2 stage, but I definitely think Olivia's going through it a little early. Despite her monster moments she can be so stinkin cute and lovable it's hard to get mad at her.
Emmy learned to ride her bike without training wheels about 2 months ago and since then her favorite thing to do is go for a bike ride. She has actually gone on some pretty long ones riding the entire way. I thought we would end up putting her bike in the back of the trailer and her riding with Olivia but she loves it so much, she does awesome! We've gone to the "far far away park", as the girls call it cause it is about 4 or 5 miles away, a couple of times now and she loves it! She is also such a good buddy for Olivia, cause like I said Livy can be so frustrating but Emmy plays so well with her even when she is a grump.


Ellison's said...

Your girls are so cute!! When are you due? I am due on June 16th. I didn't even know you were pregnant!

david said...'re so fun! when do we get to see you again? did you make the girls' skirts in some of those pics - really cute! i love livy - that girl cracks me up!

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Brooke said...

okay! You are pregnant?? How did I miss this. I seriously keep popping in every so often to check!! Congrats.. is it a boy or a girl?!