Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

This was the only way to get Olivia near the Easter bunny, actually I don't think she realized he was sitting right next to us otherwise she wouldn't be so chill.
I didn't get any pictures of Maile hugging the Easter bunny cause Livy was terrified and wouldn't release the death grip she had on me. She kept a close eye on him the entire time.
Emmy regected the Easter Bunny's high five at first, but then she warmed up to him.

They kept themselves busy while we waited in line to get into the Easter room
This is where Livy spent most of the time, trying to figure out how she could get these treats. I promise that is all she thinks about all day. Even just saying the word "treat" and she perks up and starts looking all around. She LOVES treats!!! way too much.

Once we made it in they had lots of cute, fun Easter games and pictures with the Easter Bunny. It was chaotic though, so I didn't get many pictures of the action except Emmy doing the cake walk for a chocolate Easter bunny. As usual I didn't get many pictures of Maile cause she is always off to find anything and everyone at these kinds of things.

It was definitely worth dragging the girls out of bed.

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