Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet our little Karly McKaye

As usual I made it to the due date January 16th and then some.  As the days came
and went without any progress, I started trying all the crazy self inducing
ideas.  After a week had passed, I had tried just about everything: evening primrose
capsules, rubbing oils on my tummy and feet, a nasty midwife's potion every 15 min for
3 hours, acupuncture, foot massages, and jumping on the tramp.  After all that I went
to my next doctors appointment and was sad to hear that I was still thick, high, and
completely closed.  I was so discouraged at that point that I gave in and set up an
induction date since my mom was planning to leave in 4 days. 

This is not how I wanted to go into labor, but it actually all worked out great. 
This is not my typical relaxed look during labor.  I have terrible tramatic
memories of being induced with Kamaile and Olivia, so I was dreading
this with all my heart, but this time I went into this delivery reassured that
if I wanted an epideral that was an option.  After laboring for 4 1/2 hours with
the end still way out of sight they wanted to start the pitocin to speed things up. 
The only way I was going to let them put pitocin in me was if I did the epideral, so
I did and it was amazing! This was my first experience with one and I could
not believe what a difference experience it was. Epiderals have always freaked me
out because of my blood clot issue and for other side effects people can have. I
was very skeptical, but not any more. After getting the epideral I fell fast asleep for
2 hours and woke up thinking I had stopped contracting and figured my labor had
that would have been the most miserable delivery out of the five and I might
not have been willing to get pregnant again. Really, I have great pregnancies
but I have always dreaded the delivery, so now I feel ike I can try for those boys!!!

 9 days late and our biggest baby yet.  Weighing in at 8.35 and 20 1/4 in.
The nurses kept commenting on her huge feet and long toes, that is obvious
who she got those from.  Along with her cute little face that looks just like her

Karly McKaye
January 25, 2013
12:09 pm

Kamaile has been a big help, although sometimes
she is a little too confident in her mothering skills
and thinks she knows better than me what Karly's needs are.

Lilvy was the biggest fan of the name Karly,
she was so excited when we decided it was official.

Emmy loves having a baby in our house and really
wants me to bring her for show and tell, luckily
a picture satisfied that desire.

Lucy has been surprisingly posessive of Karly.  At first she thought
she was the only one who could hold her.  When others tried holding
her, Lucy would try to pull Karly away by grabbing her face or hair.
When we stopped her she had a total melt down.  Now she is better,
she still loves holding her. When Karly cries Lucy gets right up in
her face and says "hi, hi, hi" .  Lucy has never been into binkis
but now that the baby has them she loves to steal them and start
sucking. I think she is still trying to figure this all out, but over all
she is having fun with a baby in the house.

Here we are 6 girls and a lonesome boy

My mom luckily was able to extend her stay so she could
be here longer after the baby came home.  Thank goodness, she
was a huge help.  We were lucky enough to have her
with us for 2 weeks in which time Lucy got croup, Livy
had an allergic reaction, and we brought home the
baby.  I don't think we could have managed without her help.
We are really missing her.

We had a really hard time coming up with a name for this little gal.  I loved the name Gwen, Aaron wanted McKaye, but neither of us were willing to give in.  We both liked the name Karly, so we had to compromise, but Mckaye sounded better as the middle name, so I guess I did give in to that one.  Which means we already have the name picked for girl #6.
Other than sleeping at night, Karly has been a perfect little baby.  She has been such a joy to have in our home, although she has created a problem.......our house is too small for all these girls.  Each time we bring a baby home we have to get creative to make everything work.  After looking all around trying to figure this one out, we've realized we've used up every nook and cranny there is. We are busting at the seams.  It is time for some space! Hopefully I can keep up on the blog and have some house news soon.



Allie said...

YAY!! Welcome to the world of epidurals!! I admire you for your natural births, but how awesome was being numb!? I love the name! And I'm honestly impressed with the technique of your toetouch!
Congrats, Jess!

Analia said...

she is beautiful!!! Congrats!!

Spencer said...

So happy to see a new blog! Everyone looks so happy. Hopefully, Simone and I can see you guys this summer. Maybe we can make a trip to Sierra Vista.

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