Sunday, October 28, 2007

So Proud

Okay, I just have to blog about this and let everyone know how proud I am of my "little" brother, Justin. This week he became part of the Army All American team. Bingham had a pep rally basically to honor him and his teammate Austin Holt who will both be playing in the All American game on January 5th in the Alamo Dome! WOW! That is huge! I am so excited for him and can't help but feel a bit famous being his sister. he he he! They got off to a great start in playoffs yesterday beating Fremont 42 to 6. BINGHAM WHAT WHAT!!!!!


Dave, Stacie, and Cooper said...

WOOOOOOOOO! Go Justin! I feel proud just knowing you. That is awesome! My favorite story still is when you're dad would do everything in his power for people to know that Justin was his son at the bingham games. I can't wait for him to streak the alamo game wearing nothing but justins face on his back. Crap...will he read this? maybe a bit inappropriate...please erase if it is.
p.s. we're not moving back...anytime soon. I was just teasing allie.

David said...

that's a good picture of you 3. random comment, but I really think it looks good. Too bad I Wasn't in it to make it better.

Matt and Allison said...

Way exciting Jess! High School football is the greatest!