Sunday, October 28, 2007

So Proud

Okay, I just have to blog about this and let everyone know how proud I am of my "little" brother, Justin. This week he became part of the Army All American team. Bingham had a pep rally basically to honor him and his teammate Austin Holt who will both be playing in the All American game on January 5th in the Alamo Dome! WOW! That is huge! I am so excited for him and can't help but feel a bit famous being his sister. he he he! They got off to a great start in playoffs yesterday beating Fremont 42 to 6. BINGHAM WHAT WHAT!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dress Rehearsal

To go along with Kamaile's obsession with "fa fa" she also loves witches. This month with all the Halloween decorations around she is constantly talking about witches. She says their nice and funny but whenever there's one that laughs or moves at all she becomes terrified. At Gardner Village they have all their big witches on display and a ton of cute picture spots. We've been 4 times already because Kamaile asks to go to the "witches house" every day. Jodi and her kids also enjoy it so they come along as well. Today we decided to have a little dress rehearsal with our costumes. My visiting teacher just so happened to have this fabulous maleficent costume that she let me borrow -PERFECT! So, this is what we decided I am Maleficent and Kamaile is my little girl named fa fa, Emmy is the dragon, and Aaron is Prince Phillip. Halloween and any holiday gets more and more fun the older Kamaile gets, this month sure has been a lot of fun.

Grandma and some of the grandkids

"Kamaile Poo" "Witchy Poo"

I couldn't help but think they pictures were very similar except that Kamaile eats on the pot and Witchy Poo reads on her pot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Jewish Wedding

This past weekend was a new experience for us, we attended a Jewish wedding. Aarons cousins are Jewish and had quite the wedding! It was a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to being apart of such an event and it sure did meet my expectations.
There was a woman who sang most of the ceremony in Hebrew (she had an incredible voice) while John and Tanaya stood under a canopy that their parents held. Most of the men including Aaron wore Yarmulkes. Afterwards they broke glass and the celebrating began!

They were carried into the dancing and dining room on chairs with everyone singing and clapping. They did a chair dance while everyone linked arms and sang around in a circle. I just clapped and had a great time watching, although I was really trying to refrain from joining in the circle, it looked like a lot of fun. I later found out that I could have joined, I wasn't sure if I had to be Jewish or a close relative, so next time I'll be in there. They did there traditional dancing for about 30 min then we ate and after that is when we all danced to the music from a live band that was phenomenal. It was incredibly fun and I had whip lash for a couple of days from head banging so much, but I wouldn't trade that for anything. I had a great time. And yes, I even did the worm at a Jewish wedding. I was a bit nervous doing the worm in a dress, but I couldn't resist. I thought my dress flipped all the way up, so I cut the worm short, but fortunately for me and everyone else I had a slip on which stayed put. I think people were impressed for a moment, that is until Spencer showed me up with his flip and crazy arm dance - I loved it! It has been a while since I've had a good dance session, I sure miss those stake dances, stomps, and college bashes! I think I've been holding it in a little too long, cause after watching the video of the dance I'm a little embarrassed. I just couldn't help myself, I heard the music and my body just took over.
I felt like this picture captured the pure joy I felt during the dance, I was in the dance zone.

If you weren't there here's a condensed version that captures our favorite highlights of the night. We tried to put a little of everyone, so I realize I'm a bit of a spaz and a camera hog, but just look at the people all around. I've got to give a shout out to Harvey for bustin' a move even with everyone putting the pressure on him. We'll just have to work on the reeling in move. See if ya'll can guess whose nickname is crazy legs?

Here's a good picture of Aarons family. He's the youngest of 5, so all the siblings and their families were there except his mom. We were sad she couldn't make it, her dad passed away 2 weeks ago, so she's with her mom in Florida.