Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sum up the month

Happy New Year!

So, I am well aware everyone is sick of looking at the who due, woo do post. I'm sorry, it has just been the craziest month ever I honestly never had time to post anything or check anyone elses blogs. I really kind of missed it, so I'm glad to be back in the blogging world. This past month has been crazy for many reasons. I was such a procrastinator with all my Christmas projects, I did somehow finish them all even if it was the day of Christmas. Even though I wanted to enjoy the Christmas season and all the festivities I couldn't help but always have the big move and changes that would soon come in the back of my mind, but I just couldn't bring myself to start on anything until Christmas was over, so we officially started packing up and making moving plans on the 26th and we had to be out by the 1st, but our goal was the 29th so we could have a couple of fun days before Aaron left. I forgot just how bad I hate moving. Our house turned into such an unorganized disaster for the rest of the week. We tried to leave things out for the girls to play with but it was hard cause Maile was always pulling things out of boxes I already packed and finding so many little hidden treasures around the house that she hadn't seen before and neither had I for the past year. Emmy was spotting any little thing on the ground and putting it in her mouth, so I always had to keep an eye on her. We just kept commenting on how much we have accumulated in the past year and a half with what started out with 6 duffel bags from Hawaii we managed to fill a huge storage room with tons of boxes, furniture, toys, clothes, and that is after throwing a dumpster worth of things away and taking a trip to D.I. It was nice to get rid of so much junk, but it sure was annoying and a whole lot more work than I had planned. But, yes we finally got everything packed up and cleaned late Saturday night, so these last couple days we have had a good time, although it was hard not to constantly be thinking about Aaron leaving for 5 months. I honestly don't think my body has a tear left to cry. I couldn't help but just tear up whenever him and Kamaile were playing (okay so I lied here come more tears) or when he was being so cute with Emmy. But, yes January 2nd has arrived, the day I've been dreading for the past month. I know Aaron has it worse since he is leaving everything and everyone, but this is really killing me. Kamaile was asleep by the time we got to the airport so they didn't say good bye, which is probably a good thing cause I don't think I would have even been able to drive home after witnessing that, but she has asked "where is Daddy a couple of times" and wanted to play her hiding game, so she'll say "hurry hide Daddy's coming" when she heard anyone upstairs and I loose it every time then she says don't be sad mommy. Ooooohhhhh, I just hope this is the worst of it cause as you can tell, I'm kind of a wreck right now and writing about it has only made it worse, so I'll stop whining to you all. We did get some web camera's for Christmas, so hopefully that will help to see him every day. Sorry this is such a sob post, but that is what's going on in our lives

Here are some pictures from Christmas. It was our first Christmas sleeping at our own house and the first Christmas Kamaile started to really catch on to the Santa thing - it was a lot of fun!

Growing up each of us took a picture with all our presents, I always liked that, so we've kept that tradition going. I think Emmy liked it too.

Even though Emmy was very content with just wrapping paper, I think she'll love these things, or at least I will.

As excited as Aaron looks, he really did love the surprise Santa brought for him - a Nano. Santa can never seem to surprise him, but I think he was actually surprised by that present, I guess he has figured out that you can't go wrong with electronics.Santa really spoiled me this Christmas with a sewing machine, bedding, a magic bullet, and some other great things. It was a very Merry Christmas
Kamaile is really turning into a little girly girl. Her favorite presents were her purses, make up and princess phone. oh and of course treats.
We had to set the timer on the mailbox for this one, so it isn't the greatest picture, but it was the greatest house. It was really hard to pack up and leave, it has been so perfect for us.


kerr21 said...

Jessie you do such an awesome job with the blog. You'll have to keep me in touch with lots of pictures so I can see how big our girls are getting. Thanks for keeping us all updated with such a fun narritatives and pictures.

Matt and Allison said...

Jess, I serioulsy get sad for you when I think of your situation. It will go by fast though. I know probably everyone says that. Lets have get togethers a lot throughout the next few months!

Cody and Brooke said...

Oh, Jessie, you are going to make ME cry. You are going to do great but "if you ever need anything" just call. Seriously! If you are having a bummer of a day give me a call because chances are I am as well... (kidding). Wish I were closer so we could be short term single moms together. By the way for a few minutes of looking at your christmas pics I thought emmy was maile.. um, she is growing up way too fast! They all are!

Jonathan & Britney McCauley said...

man jessie life is rough for your family right now, i dont think i could do it! I wish you the best and let meknow if i can do anything for you.
I love the tradition of taking a pic. with all of your presents. That is so cute! Maile and emmy are just so stinkin cute! I love looking at your pics.

millisue said...

Jessie it was so fun to see you and everyone over the break, you all crack me up! The next 5 months will zip by for you, but in the meantime I will be praying for you. Good luck with everything!

Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

Well, what an adventure for you guys. I'm sorry it's so hard, that would be so hard to be away from each other for so long! I'm so sorry! Where are you living Jessie?