Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Emmy update

Yeah! Our smiley Emmy is back! I must thank you all for your prayers and concern for Emmy. She is doing much better, almost 100%, the only things that are not back to normal are sleep during the night, she has been awful since the hospital and she is very clingy (I think because so many strangers had to poke her, hold her down or just do things she hated, it even took her a little while to trust me again). I had so many calls, emails, comments, prayers and even dinner brought over, so thank you to everyone it really meant a lot to know that people were thinking of us during a trying time.


Cody and Brooke said...

So happy to see her SO happy! I love this picture. She and Kamaile are looking more and more alike, do you see it as well?

Greg & Tacie said...

Hooray! We'll have to figure out the webcam one of these days. We love you guys.

Aaron and Jessie said...

Jessie I'm so glad our little girl was in your hands. You did such a good job with her. It is really hard to be so far away from my girls. But it is comforting to know that my beautiful Jessie is taking care of them.



The Ceder House's said...


I am so glad so is ok! I hope all is well now with your family. She is adorable:)