Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love my Maile Girl

I know these pictures are absolutely hidious of me, but they just captured the fun time Maile and I had yesterday outside. The last couple weeks have been bitterly cold, so we hardly spend anytime out there besides running to and from the car, but these last couple days have actually been pleasant enough to be out there for more than a couple of minutes. We definitely needed some fresh air and a change of activity. We haven't been able to do our usual winter activity of swimming, because of Emmy's bum, so it's been a long week of being inside the house way too much. Anyways, I just have to share this moment as cheesy as it may sound I always want to remember it so I'm recording it. I've been a bit fet up with Maile and her sleeping routine cause if she takes a nap which is always a battle and doesn't occur near as often as I want, then when bedtime comes it is so much harder to get her down. However, when she doesn't take a nap, then 2-6 she is on the verge of tantruming at the littlest things and it drives me crazy!!! So, anyways somedays I get so upset if she won't take a nap especially Friday cause I was so tired and I wanted a nap so I thought her and Emmy would go down and I could take a little nap as well. Nope didn't happen, so I was really bugged. Ok to sum it up we had to get out of the house, but Emmy was sleeping so we got what snow clothes we could find since our real ones were in the room Emmy was sleeping in and ventured out to go sledding in my parents backyard which isn't much of anything then we jumped on the tramp, but had to go in when Emmy woke up. We actually had a good time, so that night she made her usual request for me to make a deal with her, (it always starts out if you go to sleep right now without coming out of your bed then.........) this time I said we can go play outside tomorrow. Well, that was the first thing she said when she got up in the morning. Timing wasn't right, so I said later, as the day continued there were more requests for outside time and when the nap didn't work again I said ok lets go outside. While we were out there instead of being mad that she didn't nap, I had this overwhelming love for her and gratitude that I had this time to just focus on her and have some solid quality time without being distracted with Emmy, phone calls, making dinner, cleaning or whatever, it was so much fun to just play and be silly with her she is such a fun little girl, at that moment I realized how blessed I am to be able to spend every minute of every day with her and I need to look for these moments more often where we can spend that quality one on one time together without any distractions. I find myself getting so caught up in routine and schedule sometimes that it drives me crazy when things are off, but our little outing helped me realize I need to soak these moments in cause she won't stay this age for long. If things don't happen the way I planned oh well, just make the best of it. I love being a Mom as hard and exhausting as it can be at times it has brought me the most happiness I've experienced with anything I've ever done in my life. I feel so blessed.


millisue said...

I love the pics, they are silly and cute. You would be the funnest mom!

Greg & Tacie said...

Cheesy - no. So true - yes.

Cody and Brooke said...

This post really made me think. I need to soak in more Noah time (esp. this last month of him and I alone). I nearly teared up reading this. Thanks for sharing Jessie. We miss you guys by the way!