Sunday, September 7, 2008

3rd Time's the Charm

So, call us crazy but yes we painted, didn't like it so we primed, primed a 2nd coat and painted again, and once again we didn't like it so we primed and painted for the third time!!! Now these walls in our house are very well protected with about 9 coats of paint/primer on them. But, I can finally say that I love the way our paint job turned out. It was becoming really discouraging putting so much time and effort into painting and not liking the final product. We also bought 2 other colors we didn't like, but at least we realized we didn't like them from the first couple strokes. Finally after 3 weeks, 14 gallons of paint, verge of emotional breakdowns, and who knows how many hours of painting we got the whole house finished. WAHOO!!! After a weeks recovery we are so glad we did it, the house looks much better and our house is liveable once more. Well now that I am a pro painter I don't think I will ever take on a project like this again. At first I had a lot of fun with the new colors and seeing how different it looked, but by the end when we kept having to repaint and prime, I was hating everything about it. We didn't take any pictures of the 1st color bright red, just imagine fire engine red.. yuck! It was just the accent walls in the kitchen and arch we painted 3 times not the whole house, just to clarify.

Color choice #2
Aaron saw this color combo in a magazine and fell in love with the idea so in order to get it out of his system we had to try it. It just wasn't having the same effect on him in our house.

Color choice #3 is here to stay....hooray!

These pictures make this red look a bit orangey or something, but the real color is just more of a muted red.

We tried doing a video tour of the house, but it wasn't working, so until I can figure it out, here's some pictures.


Allie said...

Looks great, J! Can't wait to see it when I come visit you :)

Jenny said...

Nice!!! We haven't even started yet - just taking down the wallpaper burned us out. hope we don't have to redo ours 3 times or it will NEVER get done.

the murdocks said...

I cannot believe you painted 3 times. We just painted the girls room, no priming or anything, pink and I swear on my life it was the worst experience of my life. There is nothing in this life I hate more than painting. The color terrifies me but I REFUSE to ever paint again in my life so the room will be like that forever. KUDOS to you And it looks great! I love the bright color!

thekerrclan said...

I love it! I can't believe you painted three times. I would have just had to live with it for awhile...more power to you for redoing it until you liked it.

John and Erin said...

Painting is the biggest pain and what's worse is picking out the paint. I'm sure you figured that out. I painted my room in my parents house and picked out a gray color and turned out like a jail cell. So I'm never trusting myself to pick out paint. Third times the charm though. It looks really good, I wish I could come see it in person. Sure love ya jess and hope you're having fun. We need to catch up soon.

Joanna said...

For all that work, it's too bad you didn't have the Dream Team of Aunt Karolyn and my mom! They came down and helped me paint my apartment in August, and it looks GREAT. They totally task-mastered it!