Saturday, September 19, 2009

Olivia's blessing

With most the family there for the funeral we decided to bless little Olivia. Aaron gave her a beautiful blessing.

829 I didn't get enough pictures in Utah, so I took some more when we got back, she is so precious and continues to be the best little baby, I just can't seem to kiss her enough.
Sometimes it is near impossible to get these girls to take some pictures, but....
after some bribbery I think I got my new favorite picture of the 3 girls


David and Jenny said...

look at that girl - so happy and content in her life... :)

thekerrclan said...


Jourdan said...

First of all, your girls are way too cute. I wish I knew them better.

Second, I'm a little peeved I didn't get to see you while in Utah. But then again, Allie and i live less than 15 minutes away and we've never gotten together. Ohwell.

Lastly. I am in BAD shape. I feel fat, slow and frankly discouraged when finding time to workout. How are you doing? (I bet you could easily whip out a marathon right now... grrr.) BUT- I am getting there...slowly. I DEFINITELY plan to do a half in Aug, but which one, I'm not sure. Rod wants me to ride the Seattle to B.C. with him and it's the same weekend as the Provo half. (Plus, I'm still not over the $130 entrance fee. yikes) Bear Lake has a half iron in August I think and Park CIty has a half iron distance duathlon in September that I'd LOVE to do (and it's only like $30!!!).

So... let's just keep in touch. It's mostly the money thing as of right now. We'll have a ton of medical costs for Flora these next few years that I wasn't planning on, and we're desperately trying to get a second vehicle (van) too. Unfortunately, a half iron is not exactly a race I think I can ghost.

Let me know how things are going for you though! I've got a long 6-9months ahead of me, but I'd rather be climbing this ladder than be pregnant. YAY!