Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gotta love it!

Well, I must say even though I'm still missing family and friends in Utah I most definitely don't miss the cold. True Christmas didn't quite feel like Christmas without the snow and I actually thought for a minute that I missed the cold and snow. Then comes January when in Utah I tend to feel a bit depressed because I'm inside way too much. This January I'm loving the weather, it has been in the 70-80's the past 2 weeks, so we continue to swim, have picknicks, go on bike rides, and play at the park. No complaints here, although I still get homesick for everyone. Maybe ya'll should come down here, just look what you could be enjoying..........

Our neighbor who is a photographer took these great pictures, I love 'em.



I love this picture because Maile's little bum cheeks are always hanging out, usually worse than this, but when you're a kid you don't care. That's about the only time in your life when it actually looks cute.

C:\Users\HP_Administrator\Pictures\2008-10-21 swimming 10-21-08\Swim Time\DSC_0070.jpg


This is how you can usually find Emmy after 1/2 hour of swimming - wrapped up in her towel with her thumb in.


The Elder Clan said...

OH man, i'm raging jealous!! Promise that weather almost sounds too good to be true! But hey Jessie, congrats on your addition to the family!! I'm sure she will be just as fetchin cute as the other 2!! I hope your doing good:)

Angie said...

These are super cute pictures. It's nice to have photographer friends. And that sunshine sure looks nice about now.

the murdocks said...

Those pics are so cute Jess! I Love the one of Emmy sitting at the bottom of the slide.

I am SOO JEALOUS! That is the #1 thing I miss about ca. THe weather after christmas. I would kill for some warm weather right now! Enjoy! miss you tons

Greg said...


Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

These are beautiful pictures Jessie! And I haven't said but congrats on the baby. That's awesome. Three little girls. How fun. Looks like you guys are having a good time. We miss you. But it looks fun actually to have a new adventure. And btw- I have an elliptical and it's the BEST especially for when your pregnant. Good job Aaron! :)

John and Erin said...

FUN Jess! I'm glad you're loving it. I miss you. We haven't talked forever. I'm going to call one of these days.