Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Triple Blockdown

Where's Emmy?
Me on the top or our ladder looking down into her barricaded crib room.

I absolutely hated when Maile learned to climb out of the crib, but I didn't think Emmy would be as venturous enough to do it, welll I thought wrong. About 3 weeks ago she figured it out, but wasn't that excited about it cause she only did it like 3 times mostly because Maile was in there egging her on. After Ohio I thought she must have forgotten about it cause she didn't do it for a couple of days, but then she was super hipper one night and started coming out, when we would go grab her to put her in bed she'd just laugh and run away thinking it was such a fun game. I seriously put her in more than 50 times, held the door shut until she wasn't having fun anymore. This routine continued the next day for nap and that night. Finally I left it up to Aaron cause I couldn't do it anymore and the next morning he showed me his invention that he was so proud of. We took off our closet doors in the computer room, so he bungee corded 2 of those to the side of her crib leaving one side of her crib open, but it was high and rounded so we figured she couldn't get out that way. Nope, the next night that was her new game to climb out the high side and boy was she ever proud of herself for that one. Aaron wasn't about to let her win, so he pulled off one of the girls closet doors and finished the battle off with what he likes to call the "triple blockdown". She cried and had a fit whenever we put it up for the first 3 days and I felt bad completely trapping her like that but now it's almost like she wants it. We give her one chance to have an open crib and tell her if she gets out she'll get the "triple blockdown" so last night she got out and Aaron went in there and she immediately said "blockdown?" and laughed as he put it up. I know we can't do this forever so until we figure out a plan B (or she does) she will get the triple blockdown.


Angie said...

triple blockdown. i love it.

lojo said...

That is the best!! My kids have never climbed out of their crib. I guess they would have to sleep in it first!

The Beards said...

oh my gosh, that is awesome!!!! If only we had closet doors like that at our house, Nolan would be in triple blockdown every night!!!!

Derek said...

Now she likes it? Uh-oh. Reminds me of a great line from one of my ATF movies, Back to the Future.

"So you're my Uncle Joey. Better get used to these bars, kid."

The Sorensens said...


Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

Try a crib tent. That's what we did with Parker and now he won't get out of it! Seriously, we'll give him rewards if he sleeps in his big boy bed and he'll make it about 10 minutes before he asks for his "tent" he just feels safe in there. But whatever works- at least he's safe and sleeping well!