Saturday, March 14, 2009


Our long awaited trip out to Ohio is already over. We were looking forward to this trip for so long and of course like all vacations waiting for it takes forever, but once you're there it flies bye and then your back home like you never left. We had a great time with Aaron's family, everyone was there except Donovan and Alissa. After a long morning of traveling we finally arrived and basically went straight to the greatest water park I've ever been to. Even though the girls hardly had any sleep they still had a great time. We spent the night in a hotel there with everyone and played hard again the next day. It was SO FUN! I love when you go with a huge group because we switched off watching kids, so not only did the kids have a great time but the adults got to go on all the rides as well.

My face says it all

All the boys had thier time the night before so it was the girls turn to leave the kids with them and go on some of the crazy rides. This was one of my favorite slides, it's a huge bowl that you go flying into then go around and around, if you have a lot of weight(I was a good reason why we made it around a few times) then you go through a hole into another slide. I was honestly laughing and screaming the entire time....loved it!

This slide was so crazy! It honestly feels like you're getting flushed down the toilet, you come screaming down this tube slide super fast then all the sudden you are just exposed in this huge bowl going around and around until you drop out of a hole and plop into the water. It was a one of kind water slide that I'm obsessed with.



This and the mat slides were the only ones I couldn't do being prego. I was rejected on one of the slides for being pregnant and I tried to act totally offended making them think I was just fat, but it didn't work.

Where am I?? Do you see me camouflaged into the zebra truck? I honestly felt like I could have been the zebra mascot for the water park seeing how it was a African safari theme and I totally had the suit and body for a zebra.

Cleveland 2009 029

Aaron's aunt Karolyn and cousin Lauren were also there visiting from California. They really know how to spoil the girls with the cutest clothes like these adorable dresses.
Cleveland 2009 034

Cleveland 2009 046

Aaron's Grandma lives with his parents, so we enjoyed seeing so much of her.

Both Payton and Cambri were blessed the Sunday we were out there.

Cleveland 2009 053No, this wasn't a planned picture this is literally what I did all week long.....stuff myself between my mother in law and brother in law's good cookin, Cheesecake factory, Pinerra's bagels, East coast custard, a yummy pizza place in Pheonix, and a Cafe Rio salad for the ride home (which I couldn't even finish in one sitting that never happens!) I was so stuffed from the whole week, but I sure loved it all. I'm sure the fact that I didn't have to worry about cooking all week made everything even better.
rCleveland 2009 014

Maile always loves playing games or reading books with Grandma

Cleveland 2009 007

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Waiting by the tree for a turn on the swing.
Cleveland 2009 017
Uncle Spence gave the girls the crazy spinning swing ride. No matter how dizzy they'd get they kept wanting more. It was so funny to watch them try running to us after spinning a million times.
Cleveland 2009 024 Cleveland 2009 025Cleveland 2009 026
We did sack races, dodge ball, hide and go seek at the church one night. then topped it off with going out for some yummy custard ice cream.

Cleveland 2009 073

The girls had such a great time staying at "Grandma and Grandpa Kerr's" Maile keeps asking when we're going back.


Cody and Brooke said...

I have been waiting for a post.. and this post exceeds all my expectations :) You are so nutty for going on all those water slides.. I don't blame ya, they look like a blast!!! Glad you had a fantastic trip. Your pics look awesome Jess!

The Elder Clan said...

I love the post, but i just had to comment on how hard i literally laughed out loud with that picture of you girls on that huge tube and you looking behind just scared beyond words! that face is priceless!!! HAHAHAH, I loved it!!

Greg said...

Your pictures look awesome. We had so much fun with you guys! We hope you'll come back soon -despite our bully children who give your children bloody noses!

Jill said...

Cute, fun pictures of your trip. I also liked the ones and the blog about the sugar cookies. It made me laugh with memories. Jill

The Sorensens said...

It looks like you had a great time!

Allie said...

That water park looks phenomenal, Jess! I am sure I would be obsessed with it! You look great! Have you decided on a name yet?

John and Erin said...

Jess I love it. You're hard core. What is the name of that water park? That looks unreal. I've got to go there.

April said...

Jess... the pictures look great. Like really good quality. AND you are amazing. I can only hope that have the energy that you have when I am prego my ego. I love you girl and am super sad you aren't doing the tri with us.

the murdocks said...

How fun!! And holy cow, I am CRAVING a water park right now. Which has never happened in my life. That looked so fun! And your belly took me by surprise...I still can't believe you are pregnant. I'm glad you sprung for cs3. Are you getting more used to it? It took me a long time, but it will get better! Search the internet for some free actions you can practice and play with...they are so fun!

emilyy said...

Glad you had so much fun! It's too bad we didn't get to see each other. You'll have to come back next year :)