Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It seems with blogging there is either a ton of stuff to blog about, which makes me not even want to blog cause it will take too long or there isn't much to blog about. Right now is one of those moments when a ton of stuff has been going on, so it takes forever to get up to date. I can't upload a lot of the pictures from Emmy's bday party, our fun joint birthday, and easter egg hunts for some reason, but I do have some fabulous pictures my neighbor Sara Neyhart took. She's a photographer and just happened to be passing by as we were attempting some pictures on our own after church on Sunday. Getting great pictures of the girls is near impossible for me, but Maile was all about posing and doing whatever Sara asked. Emmy on the other hand, well I'm really surprised she even kept her hat on long enough for these pictures, we didn't even attempt individuals of her. There were too many cute ones of Maile, so I know its overload of her, but I just have too many favorites.

AJME (18)

AJME (19)

AJME (44)

AJME (36)

AJME (35)

AJME (29)


Jourdan said...

oh my word. You guys make some dang cute girls.

You have a beautiful family...and you look HOT too!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!

thekerrclan said...

Those are darling! Dare I ask if the blood all came out of Kamaile's dress?

Ellison's said...

Jessie, your family looks so cute!

Mark and Kel's Blog said...

Jessie, you look FABULOUS! How do you look so good when you are due to have a baby in a month?? I promise it makes me mad at you. You must be using that elliptical you got for Christmas. Right now I am loving imagining you driving around with THREE children in your SWEET new minivan. Love you!

Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

Such cute girls!I love having boys but when it comes to Easter nothing beats Easter dresses. So cute.