Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Birthday!

As most of you know I'm not thrilled about sharing my birthday with Emmy, so she had her birthday party with her friends the day after. Our birthday was reallly fun, it was gorgeous here so we went swimming in the morning, then some of my friends took me to lunch, out to eat with the family for dinner, then we opened presents, had cake, and a movie night on the projector. It was a lot of fun.
emmy's bday 007
A perfect birthday wouldn't be compelete without some time in the pool

emmy's bday 031
All of us girls love doing date nights when Aaron takes us out to eat, since this was a special occasion Maile and Emmy got to dress up for the night. Whenever anybody commented on their dresses they would spin and twirl and make the most of the attention they got.
emmy's bday 035
Happy Birthday to US!!!!

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easter egg hunt

emmy's bday 050

emmy's bday 082
A happy Birthday Girl after a ton of candy and presents

emmy's bday 076
I think she has been singing the happy birthday song to herself for the past 2 months, so it was fun to finally have the real moment.

emmy's bday 086
Beginning of an easter egg hunt full of empty plastic eggs. Yes, that is right, all those eggs behind us were completely EMPTY! At first I thought it was some mean joke, who just doesn't fill the easter eggs right? I kept looking around for other people's reactions, but everybody just carried on like it was normal. We soon found out we were to go wait in a line to turn our eggs in for a little rubber ducky. hhhmmmm. I'm not sure I'm a fan of those kind of easter egg hunts. The girls actually still had a great time and didn't complain, it was mostly Aaron and I who couldn't believe what just happened.

emmy's bday 095

emmy's bday 098

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One by one Maile opened her eggs and said "there's nothing in this one either".

emmy's bday 113emmy's bday 117

emmy's bday 131

Before they even finished all the eggs they were ready to crack them open and chow down, which is exactly what they did polishing off all 8 of the eggs.


The Beards said...

How fun!!!! What a cute family, I love the pictures in the previous post!!!

Brooke said...

Adorable! Jessie, we need to talk on the phone again soon! I was seriously on a high for a few days after b/c I loved talking with you that much :)

our family said...

I love all the picture, so cute and fun!! Now I want to go back to SV to enjoy the warm weather and the pool!!!In a few weeks we will be there!!

Spencer said...

Very cute. I would be upset about the empty easter eggs myself. I guess times change though. It is kind of weird that the girls ate the hard boiled eggs too. I think those tended to get thrown out in our house.

emilyy said...

Looks like you both had a fun b-day. It's kinda fun that you share the same birthday. Ok so I was laughing at your comment. Yes I love to pack!!! Packing for trips, or packing boxes. I know it's wierd and Scott loves to make fun of me for it. We move the end of June but I will be gone for the whole month of May, so I have already started. I love moving because I like change and it's always nice to get rid of junk and reorganize everything. Especially now that we have a house to move to. I'm getting really excited.

Allie said...

Looks fun Jess! How you feelin'? You have what, like a month left? I can't wait to see the little one. I hope your birthday was awesome, looks like it!

John and Erin said...

Happy late Bday Jess! Did you get the coconut I sent ya? Ha ha ha.. jokes. Still one of the best presents I ever got. I'm sorry you have to share your bday. I hope you got enough attention! Love the girls easter dresses, those are darling. An easter egg hunt without candy??? What a crock.

MaryBeth said...

Such cute pictures! Man your girls are adorable.