Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Results..........

I know you have all been dieing to hear the results, so you can plan for your big vacation, but unfortunately we have no winners. I thought someone would figure out my little prank but apparently not. All three of the pictures were of Olivia, I thought it was getting old to post so many of her, so I thought I'd see if I could fool anyone and it worked. ha ha ha! I guess nobody wins that luxurious stay in Sierra Vista, sorry.




Ok, jokes! There really are winners. The winning combination was Emmy, Kamaile, Olivia. Congratulations Analia, Jentz, Kelly, Brooke, and Hanna. Way to go! Give me a call to claim your prize and reserve your reservations. Sorry to all the losers I'm sure you're disappointed, so we have some good news just for entering you still get an all expense paid vacation to Sierra Vista, just not the luxurious package. Way to go everyone! Thanks for participating it was fun to see what everybody thought.
Maile and Emmy have similar looks, but not the exact same anymore, so it will be fun to see what little Livy will look like as she gets older.


Hanna said...


albisgermany said...

Jentz would LOVE to come and visit.

David and Jenny said...

I am bitter, so I'm not coming.

our family said...

I am so excited...a nice week away from home (even thou is only a block away from home!!)YEAH!!!! I am sure Seth can take care of the girls!!!j.k. it was fun to guess!!!
Your girls are so cute and Nya loves them so much...I hope Ey is feeling better call me if you need anything!

Brooke said...

Yah! I finally one something!!