Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Perfect Mold

Everyone keeps saying all of our girls look alike, so we pulled out all the pictures and scrapbooks and seriously it is so hard to tell them apart. Here are some pictures of each of them as babies. We want to see if anyone can guess them right. If you win you get an all expense paid vacation to Sierra Vista except the trip down here of course, so try really hard.
baby emmy 2 024
I know you've already seen this one of Livy but these 2 are just too similar I had to show it again.


David and Jenny said...'s our guess..emmy, olivia, maile.

our family said...

Im guessing anyway: emmy., maile, livy!!

albisgermany said...

Jentz's guess is Emmy, Maile, Livy.
Jodi's guess is Maile, Emmy, Livy

Mark and Kelly's Blog said...

You said it spot on with "A Perfect Mold!" That is an impossible thing to tell those three apart. Can you two, their own parents even do it?? Aren't you glad you got three identical but beautiful babies instead of three funny looking ones? My guess is: Emmy, Kamaile, Olivia.. I hope I win! I hope I win!

Britney said...

Emmy, Olivia, Maile is my guess but they really do all look alike!

emilyy said...

They are all so beautiful. Congrats on the baby making skills.

kerrbc said...

I am sure this is right - but they are very very close.

Brooke said...

Emmy, Maile, Olivia.. Heck yes I'm right! Right? Too funny. I love this and so happy you stuck with olivia jill. Whoop whoop!

Hanna said...

Hanna guesses Emmy maile livy The bottom 2 pictures are so simmalure that zou can barely tell witch one is Livz and witch one is Maile.

Matt McFarland Photography said...

Emmy, Livy, Maile
Thats my guess, Are you going to reveal?

Matt McFarland Photography said...

Uh, this is Allie

The Sorensens said...

Here is our guess...


Anonymous said...

I am guessing Mailie, Livy, Emmy