Wednesday, September 16, 2009


While we were in Florida my Grandpa passed away, so we came home for 2 days then set off for Utah. My Grandpa Sorensen died just before his 93rd birthday. The past couple of months his health has been fading fast, it was hard to see him not as active as he loves to be. He lived an amazing life and was such an inspiration to us all.662

Everyone made it out to the funeral except Jodi who's in Germany and Justin who's on a mission. Jenni where were you for this picture?

Maile with her cousins Anna and Kate

Maile and Uncle Jake Dawg

Yes Utah was freezing in the middle of August

Loads of fun staying with Grandpa and Grandma

But then there were some gorgeous hot days too, so we did plenty of swimming

Daybreak is my new favorite spot in Utah, we spent a lot of time there running on the trails around the lake, playing at the great playgrounds and of course playing at the beach.
This was our first time driving up to Utah since we've moved down here, mostly cause I hate driving and am such a wuss about it so we had to stay up there for a good couple of weeks before I could handle the thoughts of driving back. I must say though, it was all well worth it. We had such a great time with family and doing all the summer things I love and miss in Utah. The only bad thing about the trip was it made me way too homesick.

Now that our month long vacation is over, it is back to life, back to reality.

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David and Jenny said...

that was so fun!!! come back!!!