Sunday, April 18, 2010

OUR Birthday

I swore I'd never do a birthday party on my birthday, but Aaron had to work and I couldn't think of anything else super fun, so I did it we had Emmy's birthday party that morning. Getting ready for the party Emmy had her usual moody moments so I kept reminding Emmy it was my birthday too and I was doing all this stuff for her so she had better be nice to me (it made her stop whinning or crying for a minute or two anyway). We did a Dora Easter theme party. The kids had to go across the troll bridge, through the clubhouse, and out to the easter egg hunt. Luckily our good friend CJ was nice enough to be the grumpy old troll, he played his role very nicely. Some of the little kids were terrified, one even sprinted across the rocks barefoot. It was good fun. Later we went swimming and Aaron made us a yummy steak dinner then topped it off with a delicious strawberry cheesecake from Costco. It was a fun little birthday for the 2 of us.Smiles like this make all the work of a birthday party worth it even on my own birthday.Grumpy old troll

Happy Birthday to us!


thekerrclan said...

YES - Happy Belated Birthday to both of you!

The Beards said...

Happy birthday girls!!!! Jesse I love your hair, soooo cute, and way to rock the half ironman, you go girl!!!!! See you in June :)