Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still cathing up

So, I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but like I said I'm catching up little by little. These are pictures of some of our easter festivities. We had a Border Patrol Easter egg hunt with lunch, hunt, and even sack races. It was a lot of fun.Yes, I didn't quite have the speed on the sack race, but there are no rules, so I did what I had to do or I guess tried to do. But just take a look at how far back all the kids are.This year the girls actually liked coloring eggs, unlike last year when they devoured the hard boiled eggs before we could even color them..
Livy didn't even need to eat any treats she just loved to empty the baskets and shake all the eggs.

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Allie said...

Love your haircut, J. I like it flipped out, too. Hey call me this week if you get a chance...