Sunday, May 2, 2010

4 going on 20

What started out as me just taking some pictures on a Sunday morning killing some time before our 1:00 church turned into.....

a bridal shoot.

Like so many times before we are lucky to be recipients of many hand me downs from family, neighbors, and friends. Also like so many times before the house is covered in clothes from me switching out the winter and outgrown clothes for the new season and size, but unlike the other times Maile was so excited about all these new clothes. Her imagination immediately began to take off with each new dress was a new queen with a name and story. It is so funny to see how her whole personality and character changes as soon as she is dressed up. Her walk and talk become very proper and fancy, she starts ordering everyone around and looking at herself in the mirror every chance she gets. I couldn't help but laugh and enjoy going right along with it just to see what she was going to come up with next. Ever since all the new clothes were discovered Maile's Sunday dress is already decided weeks in advance. One particular Sunday I wanted the girls to coordinate dresses, but I should've figured this would be an issue because Maile was already set on wearing her "wedding dress". I bribed Maile to wear this dress for a few pictures with Emmy and Olivia, but the deal was after those pictures she could get her "wedding dress" on for some bridals. Aaron got me these lovely flowers for my birthday so we even had a flower bouquet on hand, perfect. She thought she was hot stuff and was willing to do whatever pose I told her. She is a little too concerned with her wedding for only being 4, she kind of talks about it regularly and already feels there is a dilemma between marrying Uncle Jakey and my friend Laurel's older brother Spencer. She loves being with older kids and doing whatever they are doing . Hopefully this ilttle wanting to grow up and wedding phase has come and will go away for another 20 years.


laurdacooj said...

!!hahahahahahahah!!! seriously i'm laughing! I LOVE maile sooo much, and really hope Spencer wins so Maile can be my sister some day!!! hahahahah!!!! love that girl!!!

Brooke said...

These are so funny and beautiful. I agree that Maile is such a big girl.. I seriously can't get over how she would start talking to me as if she were an adult.. or the adult in the conversation :) Love you guys and THANK YOU so much for your sweet card and gift card!! I can't wait to hit up Cold Stone! Thank you so, so much. We miss you guys!