Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apple Annie's!!!

Yesterday we had our first preschool field trip. We went to Apple Annie's. It was even better than last year, mostly cause we weren't so cheap. We decided to spend a little money to go on the hay ride and corn maze, but it was totally worth it. The girls had such a great time. I loved it too. It was a perfect fall day and as always it was just so fun to get out of town and do something different.

This place is loaded with picture taking spots, so this post is totally picture overload,. Wilcox is a farm town, so there are fields and fields as far as the eye can see. I loved all the sunflowers and rows of corn, I promise after going there I kind of want to be a farmer with a ton of land to cruise around on in a tractor. I think the girls would love that life too. They LOVED the hay ride!For some reason Emmy was more thrilled about finding #5 than any other number and asked me to take a picture of her by it (I can't remember her ever asking me to take a picture of her, so obviously we did as she said even with her goofy smile and gum hanging out, I'll take a brib free picture any chance I get.This was an eye opening experience for Maile. She loves corn on the cob so she was very observant and attentive to the farmers talking about how they grow the corn, she was fascinated to be surrounded by it throughout the maze.

The favorite activity - the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch

Emmy found her perfect little pumpkin. I kept encouraging her to find the biggest one she saw (to get our moneys worth) but she had her heart set on the littlest one she could find and was thrilled with this one, so I guess that is all that really matters, right?

Maile also found her perfect pumpkin.

If I wanted Olivia in any pictures I had to be in them too otherwise she was screaming bloody murder even with a sucker in her mouth.

Maile and Cannon (Laurel -just thought I'd get some pictures of the beginning stages)

I know I've overdone it with this scene but I love Emmy's little tough girl look with a stick hanging out of her mouth and all.

I love sunflowers, they make me feel so happy. There was something entrancing about the rows and rows of them. I didn't get one picture of the girls focusing on taking a picture, it was like as soon as they were surrounded by the flowers their little minds went somewhere else. I kept telling them to do things like look at me or smile, but they were zoned out in their imaginations. But no matter what the girls looked like in my millions of pictures I kept snapping I loved them all because the rows of sunflowers made it feel so magical and dreamy.We couldn't drive all the way out to Apple Annie's without picking some apples. I don't think Maile would let us leave until we did. That was her favorite memory from last year, so we stayed and had a great time.


laurdacooj said...

those are such cute pictures... so now I'm thinking... lets go back and take each others family pictures! I love the corn rows, and tree rows and sunflower rows!! c'mon let go tomorrow!!!!

laurdacooj said...

ps thanks for taking a picture of cannon :)... he's so goofy!!! but at least its there for the wedding slide show someday! muwahahahahaha

Analia said...

so cute, love it!!! We can't wait to do the same somewhere her in Idaho, I have not idea where to go yet!!! hopefully this long weekend we can find out more! Love the pictureS!

kerrbc said...

Wish we could have been there with the girls the way we were last year!! Looks like so much fun. Miss everyone.bcgs

Spencer said...