Sunday, October 31, 2010


The girls already love acting out Peter Pan, but now that we have the costumes it is that much better, I'm sure Aaron will end up getting more use out of this costume than just Halloween.
These girls had lots of happy thoughts and plenty of pixie sticks tonight to help them fly.

Emmy did not like all the walking, by the end she could care less about the candy, Maile on the other hand was her usual chatty self talking to nearly everyone she got candy from.

When we got home and Emmy realized she had a whole bag full of candy, she decided it was worth the long hard sacrifice of walking around the church parking lot! then she was happy.

Halloween Sunday

I know sometimes I go a bit overboard dressing the girls up, but it is just so much fun plus who knows how much longer they will be willing to let me do what I like with them. Maile already can be stubborn when it comes to clothes and hairstyles. I thought they looked so cute in their Halloween dresses, so of course we had to have a photo shoot.

( picture like this make me think Emmy's thumb sucking is giving her the bucky beaver teeth)


Analia said...

Jessie, you are doing such a great job with your blog, I have to start working on it! Sorry... hahahaha
Anyway, i love your pictures and reading about your adventures! miss you guys, let me know if you are around here for Christmas!!

emilyy said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the costumes.

Spencer said...

Super cute!