Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our never ending vacation

The day my mom left Aaron had to leave for a week, so that wasn't much of a vacation, but when he got back he had a surprise weekend getaway planned for us at a resort in Tucson. It was so fun! The girls (especially Emmys) favorite thing to do is stay in a hotel. So, the girls were super excited about the surprise and wanted to spend all day in that hotel room. We really did spend most the time at the resort, but luckily we talked the girls out of leaving the hotel room to enjoy all the other activities on the resort. We went on a hike up the desert mountain to a waterfall, swam of course, did this exercise trail, and even got to go to my favorite restaraunt - Cheesecake Factory!! It was the best surprise vacation ever!

My Mom was really intrigued by Tombstone so after my Dad left and Aaron was at work we had to go back for more. This time we saw a gunfight and took a carriage ride, gotta love Tombstone.

I put these pictures in the wrong direction, but here's a bunch of pictures from the past month and a half of our never ending vacation. It has been so fun!!! Now it's back to life back to reality unless more surprises come along.
Since Aaron could only stay for a week my wonderful parents made the 13 hour trek back with me and the girls. My dad actually drove the entire way through the night which is amazing considering he falls asleep any time he sits down (I guess other than driving long distnaces).
He could only stay for 2 days, my mom stayed for 10. We had a great time with them these pictures are when we went to Tombstone for a little sight seeing.

We spent 3 weeks in Utah visiting with my family for Christmas, New Years, and my brother coming home from his mission. It was so great to spend time with family during the holidays and to welcome Justin home.

A big wild and crazy welcome home/New Years Eve party!

The girls LOVED the snow and we got plenty of it for a few days! Like always I totally forget the camera when I really wanted it like for our fun sledding day with all the cousins, but we managed to get a couple good ones of the girls playing in the snow. We aren't very equipped with snow gear so the first couple times I think they were suprised with just how cold playing in the snow could be especially with no gloves or snow pants. When the first snow storm hit, they ran out there and took their shoes off to jump on the tramp, I had to rush out to tell them it's okay to leave them on, we aren't in Arizona anymore. Being in this weather finally made it feel like Christmas time.

Of course we had to go downtown to see the lights.

Yep this one is at a Christmas event in Arizona which is why there's grass and not snow.


Spencer said...

I'm glad. I feel like a good vacation is what you really needed. I was so concerned after your facebook post. Glad things are going better.

thekerrclan said...

Looks like fun.

Analia said...

fun!! you guys keep enjoying life! I love the pictures, and I still sad I was not close to you guys to have some fun together! Hope you can during the summer so we can do something! and by te way, i think it is time for new hats, erawarmers and headbands......let me know!!!