Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Our "Fancy Nancy" Valentines dinner (there's a reason Aaron isn't in this picture, he didn't quite fit in without a pink dress). I'm sure one of these times the girls will insist on making him fancy too (too bad you can't tell how awesome my manicure and makeover are in this picure).
Our Valentine treats treasure hunt
Well to be honest, I am obsesed with candy these days especially chocolate and sour things, so really we kind of over did it with the treats this year. This is how I justified buying so many. I'm planning on eating a decent amount of them, especially Olivia's, she doesn't notice those kinds of things yet. And at least the girls are still generous with all these Holiday treats, I know that won't always be the case so I take advantage while I can.
We now have 8 a.m. church (which is why Olivia is ready for bed in this picture), pretty sure we are the only family ward in the world that meets that early. We've had to figure out a whole new system, basically the system is lay all the clothes out the night before, get everything esle ready and out to the car (including some pop tarts for breakfast on the way) then at about 7:40 go into their room, dresses in hand and start getting them dressed in bed with them yelling at me that they are still tired and want to sleep. The curlers or braids the night before seem to work for the hair that is if we have time Saturday night. I really miss our 1:00 church.


Allie said...

8 AM?!?! That is insane! Cute dinner idea. Your girls always look so cute. Do you know what you are having?

thekerrclan said...

Looking good, as always! said...

Jessie, you are the CUTEST MOM. Your girls always look adorable and put together. They must be angels! Hope you are feeling good. XOXO

Spencer said...

Super cute!