Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not our typical week

This has been such a crazy, rollercoaster week. Last Sunday a fire broke out up near the mountains close to our house. It seemed to be just up in the mountains until Tuesday, then homes started being burned and it started getting out of control. Each day brought new activity and craziness to our town. Many people from our ward and many of our close friends have been evacuated since Thursday. Aaron has been working some different shifts to help out with traffic control. Friday there was a second fire that started on the fort which is even closer to us and all the homes just across the highway (less than a mile) were evacuated within 10 minutes, so the streets were pure chaos with firetrucks and people evacuating from all over the place between the 2 fires. Phone lines were tyed up with all the calls being made. I thought I was going into labor that day - it was just wild!! Luckily they were able to contain that fire within a couple of hours before it really got out of control and obviously I didn't go into labor (phew). Things seemed to be getting better yesterday but then today brought 50 mph winds which caused another panic and more evacuations. Planes weren't able to fly and the wind spread smoke and fire really fast. We've been on the pre- evacuation alert. All these pictures are from today, most of them taken in our neighborhood. Today was supposed to be the worst of the wind, so hopefully tomorrow will bring better news. While all this was going on today me and the girls were taking a nice little Sunday afternoon nap (since we only had sacrament meeting today), I was oblivious to it all, Aaron actually came home from work cause I wasn't answering his calls to let us know we needed to be ready in case we were evacuated. YIKES! It has been wild!!
Our neighborhood

Up close
Besides being a crazy fire week we celebrated Aaron's 30th bday on Tuesday and of course Fathers Day today.
For his birthday we had a surprise party at the bowling alley. Even after all the comments from Maile and Emmy that morning like Emmy "mom you forgot to bring the lighter" Maile "Maria is bringing it" on our way there, somehow he really was totally surprised.

Maile decided to help him since it looks like he's about to pass out trying to get all 30!
We had a little family birthday party that night, making Aaron the king receiving his 30 presents, although we did make him work for each one.

30 spankings through the spanking machine
Everything he had to do paid off when he opened the final present and saw it was a paintball gun.
Then we topped the night off with a movie night on the projector outside. It may as well been the girls birthday cause they all had so much fun.


david said...

yikes! will you hurry and have your baby and get up here already!

thekerrclan said...

WOW - those fires are CRAZY. How scary..and of course, to be pregnant and have your husband at work...only adds to the fun. Keep us updated.
You guys sure know how to live it up for birthdays! Happy Birthday to Aaron - -only a little late.

Spencer said...

Time for S'Mores!