Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes, I am still PREGNANT!

Livy has become so crazy at the pool. She seriously loves to be underwater, she started diving for rings and will even dive for them in the 4 ft. part with some help getting down that deep. The problem is she is so determined to get the rings that she goes for every single one and forgets that she needs a breath. She just jumps in wherever and whenever, she's a bit too crazy for me to feel comfortable with these days, but she is really fun to watch cause she is so good at swimming and being underwater already. She just wants to do everything Maile and Emmy do. She even started diving in yesterday, not all of them look like dives but others are actually really good, if I can ever figure out how to put video on here we'll get some of her diving in and swimming.
Well, I thought Livy's was as long as I'd ever go over, but today I hit a new record for me - 9 days over and probably won't end until I am induced tomorrow which will make it 10! Can't seem to figure out how to get this baby out on my own.I've tried all kinds of things from crazy uncomfortable excercises to nasty teas and castro oil, but no luck. I seriously HATE being induced so I'm dreading that, but I have reached the point where I'm just ready to have this baby so I guess I'm willing to do whatever. The weather has been over a 100 for the past week and finally just started cooling down with monsoon season under way, so I have been living at the pool. My mom came on Saturday which has been so fun and helpful.
Here are some pictures of our pool days. Next blog will finally announce the arrival of the new little one. It's funny cause I've gone over with Emmy and Olivia but nobody seemed all that anxious about the delivery, but this time around we have had so many calls and texts, I think it's because we didn't find out what we are having, the suspense is killing everyone. It has been totally fun not knowing, but I'm not going to lie sometimes the suspense kills me. Can't wait to see what stubborn little baby is inside of me. Thanks everyone for all the love and prayers!!!


Spencer said...

Congrats on the new baby!

thekerrclan said...

I'm with Spencer - -Congrats! Can't wait to hear details. Love you guys.

thekerrclan said...

PS - Does that make three of your babies birthdays on the 1st of the month?