Tuesday, September 6, 2011

summer fun!

Well it has been forever since I updated, so this is just going to be a ton of pictures from the past 2 months. It has been such a whirlwind with having Lucy, then going to Utah and coming back for a bit then off to Hawaii. It has all been super fun, but crazy!!! I had to do this now because in 2 days we are off again to California for another wedding, so if I waited any longer I think I would have way too much to catch up on and it would never get done.

My brother Jake decided to get married in Hawaii! So what better excuse to make a little vacation of it. It was obviously way too much $ to bring the girls, so Aaron's mom made this all possible for us by coming out here to take care of the girls. They had so much fun having Grandma all to themselves. Of course we had Lucy with us, but other than her there were no grandkids on this trip, so we could just go go go. We packed as much as we possibly could into that week. No time for sleep, there was way too much to do. It was soooo fun!
For being in Hawaii, there were a lot of people in the wedding party!
Grandma and Grandpa with the little wahine!!
love this picture!
Seriously Summer was so perfect for a Hawaiian wedding. She looked like a Hawaiian princess with her gorgeous long black hair. They got some awesome and crazy pictures, these were 2 of my favorites that we had, but I know others got some underwater ones and other fun shots. It was an incredibly fun and beautiful wedding.
A bunch of us jumped in before them to make sure Summer didn't drowned with that huge dress on.

Last day as a single man.
Our house was right off of our favorite beach....POUNDERS!! It was all just too perfect.
Da bruddahs

We had to do some shopping at the swap meet even though it can be so hot and draining, the girls never want to take their Hawaiian dresses off, so it was all worth it.
I felt like I was constantly laughing on this trip, it was so much fun with my brothers, sisters and in laws there. We sure missed Jodi, Justin, and Josh though.
We celebrated our 7th anniversary out there! Couldn't have chosen a more perfect place.
Auntie Julz came down for a visit, the girls love her!
More swimming days
Lucy is already over 2 months old, crazy how fast time goes once they are out.
We had a phenominal garden this year thanks to Aaron's hard work in getting a sprinkling system and drip system in, everything stayed alive while we were gone for once.
Everyone got to meet Lucy. I felt like I hardly had a chance to hold her cause she was passed around so much


david said...

oh man!!! that was sooooooo much fun...you guys have some fabulous pictures! LOVED every second of that trip!

kerrbc said...

Lucy's outfit in the picture with your mom and dad outside the temple looks a lot like the dress I fixed up for Kamaile in 2005 - if that is not the dress you sure must have like the job I did on it enough to get another one for Lucy. Can't say I blame you - it sure was an nice dress after I finished adjusting the color!!!


Spencer said...

See you in a few days.

thekerrclan said...

Looks like fun. Jealous. That is what I am. Can't wait to see you in a few days.