Monday, September 24, 2007


Sorry, this is a long one
I feel like with a new season comes new excitment and brings out new emotions. Even though I hate winter, I must admit I feel a sense of excitment with the first snow (the only time I get excited for snow). With fall the first feeling of crispness in the air renews me and I get excited for a change in season and activities that follow. I've also noticed in the past couple of weeks I have developed some obsessions.......

1. I've loved my runs and bike rides in this beatiful weather. I think I've taken Kamaile and Emmy on bike or rollerblade rides to the park at least 3 times a week cause it is one of my favorite things to do in this kind of weather. Kamaile gets real excited for our rides too, which always makes it more fun for everyone.

2. Since Aaron started his night shift again I decided I needed some kind of project to keep me busy at nights so I don't scare myself crazy. I've taken up a new hobby, sewing, which I thought was near impossible for me to ever like or do on my own without someone constantly over my shoulder helping me in every way possible. Thanks to my sister Jenni who let me borrow her sewing machine just to see if I really could like it and actually do it. I decided to try out some matching dresses for Kamaile and Emmy and looked what happened.......... so, I got a little too carried away. I actually did get quite a bit of help with the first one and then was too scared to try a new pattern on my own, so I just tried adding my own little things to make them different somehow and to be honest I was extremelly happy and proud of how they turned out (as long as you don't look too closely). I've already made 4 sets of dresses (here's 2 of the sets) of the same pattern, matching skirts for me, and a couple slips. Its almost becoming too obsessive, I need to cut back. Thanks to Jenni for letting me try it out, so Aaron can get me one for Christmas. (I hope)

3. Jenni and David also introduced me to Colbie Caillat, I feel like she is the girl version of Jack Johnson. She is my new favorite singer. Aaron got me her cd, Coco for our anniversary, so every night as I'm sewing I listen to it over and over in fact I'm even listening to her right now. Just watch her Bubbly music video once and you'll be hooked. If I knew how to do a playlist on my blog I would put it on - everyone has got to check her out.

4. BYU and Bingham football. I absolutely live for the football games each week. My brother Justin is the kicker for Bingham (my high school) and is having a phenominal season. He was the Deseret News athlete of the month and he broke the field goal state record a couple weeks ago and I can't even tell you how excited I was. I really get into the games, sometimes I feel embarrased for myself by how into them I get. We have yet to make it to a BYU game but with my family so involved I feel like I basically get a play by play recap just being around them during the week. Hopefully Justin can hook us up when he plays for them next year.

5. Peaches, Plums, tomatoes, squash, corn - the fall harvest. Even though we don't have a garden or fruit trees we have benefited from many others who do. I became too obsessed with the peaches and plums , my digestive system took it pretty hard at times, but I still just couldn't stop. Both Kamaile and I probably ate at least 10 peaches and probably the same of plums every day. We only gave away one of these boxes and managed to take care of the rest. I love peaches!!!

6. I've always been obsessed with cereal and probably will be for life. I have to have my nightly cereal treat before I go to bed. I try to limit it to one bowl, but then there's too much milk so I have to add a little more cereal and then I put too much, so I need more milk, it's a vicious cycle that I can't control. This past week all of my favorite cereals were on sale, so of course I stocked up on over 50 boxes. It is a major obsession that I just can't get enough of.

Aarons has his obsessions too:

1. Can't wait for season 4 of Lost to start (not until February) he thinks about it constantly and tries predicting what the next season holds. He loves watching clips from previous seasons just to keep it fresh in his head.

2. Checking out all the new movie trailers, he knows every movie that is out at any given time and what ratings they got.

3. Checking the mailbox a couple times a day

4. He would play ping pong all day every day if I was willing or if he could find someone else to.

5. Coming up with new career paths especially ones that will get us to Hawaii.

6. Buying and reading books, mostly church, historical, science, biographies. He loves learning through books, documentaries, tapes, or magazines.

7. Making family videos with all of our pictures and home videos for anniversaries, birthdays, new years. They are always really fun to watch.

8. Playing with his girls

9. loves to tease me about my blogging yet he's the one obsessed with checking the blog for comments

10. Obsessed with Jack Johnson and has been since before we were married. It is a rare thing to find him listening to something other than Jack.

Kamaile's obsessions:

1. Everything "hurts" I go to brush her hair or teeth and haven't even touched her yet and she says " hurts" or I go to pick her up from nursery or off of the playground when she doesn't want to come and she says " no, hurts" of course she says it plenty loud to get everyones attention.

2. "Fa Fa" (Maleficent) she talks about fa fa all day some moments she is "scarey fa fa", other times she's "nice fa fa" and sometimes she is even "funny fa fa". I think she is going to be fa fa for Halloween if I can figure out the costume.

3. Her "B" (binki) I don't know how I will ever break her of it.

4. Her birthday presents- little flinstone car and playset

5. Getting together with the cousins. I can never mention anything about the cousins before a nap or she will not go to sleep. She gets so excited to do anything with the cousins.

6. Singing - I have to sing 6 specific songs every night before she goes to bed and when she takes her nap. She sings gibberish all day long as she plays with her webbles and animals. One of her favorites to sing is Happy Birthday, she does this little routine with lining the webbles up to sing happy birthday to them on a regular basis, lots of times she'll put hats on each of them and won't start until everything is just the way she wants it. She was a little camera shy in this one, but I sure love the way she emphasis the "you" to make sure the webbles know she's singing to them.

7. I think this picture and her belly explains this obsession- she loves her food and has since day one.

8. Obsessed with sleeping with a ton of junk in her bed (includes about 10 stuffed animals/dolls, 4 blankets, fake spider, 2 balls, a million hair things, books, cars) I am constantly trying to get rid of some, but if she catches me or if she seems something in a different spot she immediately stops what she's doing and puts it back where it belongs. Because all the junk takes up her whole crib, she is never in a comfortable sleeping position.

Emmys obsessions

1. Milk

2. sleeping

3. exersaucer

4. she is now obsessed with sitting up.....yeah!

5. Dirty diapers


Matt and Allison said...

I love these kinds of posts. They are so fun to read. Tell Aaron that Matt will play ping pong every night with him. I loved our tourney the other night, that was fun.
I can't believe that you can sew, that is so awesome. I would love to get into that. I am actually going to try to crochet a blanket for baby, so we'll see how that goes.
I also have to mention again how much I love the fact Kamaile likes maleficent. I promise I watched sleeping beauty the other day, and she is definitely the scariest villain in Disney history. Its hilarious that Kamaile loves her! I was terrified when I was little.
Great Post.

David said...

Aaron-- I want to play ping pong with you too. I think JEssie would be too easy (yes that is a challenge!). And I love how I share obsessions with both of you! Ye-ah!

Dave, Stacie, and Cooper said...

Oh I LOVED that post! I sure miss the Kerrs. I had a blast playing ping pong that night! Maybe only because I kicked your butt...WHAT WHAT! When we move to Utah (you better not be gone) I will come play constantly...I loved it! Also, can you please teach me to sew? I am dying to learn! Well mostly quilt. And I thought you might like to know that every time I hear colbie calait I think of you. Miss ya Jess!

Jenny said...

Dude - your sister Jenny must be super cool! ha,ha...funny. That was fun to read. That little play thing you got Kamaile looks super fun - we'll have to come over and try it sometime soon! I can't believe you're looking forward to the first snow - I LOVE the fall and am dreading the first snow fall.

lacy said...

That was so fun to read (and I loved all the pictures, of course)! Jessie, I am so impressed with your sewing! I have actually been wanting to learn how to sew also. You have now inspired me to stop thinking about it and give it a try! And good luck trying to get back to Hawaii . . . that is exciting . . .

Erin said...

Jess, I loved reading your blog! Especially about your cereal and peaches and about kamaile singing happy b-day and sleeping with all that crap! That's hilarious. Keep it up with these blogs because they're fun things that otherwise we would never learn about you guys. And I love those dresses you made. Especially the black and white polka dot ones. Way cute!

Erin said...

Oh yeah and why does aaron have to check the mail twice? It only comes once a day!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

What a great post! I got to learn more about you that I didn't know so that was fun! I too became obsessed with fall harvest. Peaches galore! And all the stuff from my garden. It's a great time of year. Love the dresses--who knew sewing could be so fun and rewarding! You did a great job! I love to sew too! And I too am obsessed with Jack Johnson. Also Kalai. I'll have to look into Colbie too.

Julz said...

Dang! I can't believe how much Kamaile is just like you Jess! I love your blog so it's okay if you're obsessed cuz it really does help me still feel somewhat in the loop even though i'm so far away.

Margaret said...

I can't believe Kamaile's 2 already! Oh my goodness does time fly! Your girls are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

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