Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

I never knew pumpkin carving could be so much fun until Allie and Matt Mcfarland introduced me to it this weekend. I also never knew how dang good I can be at it, jokes! But really doing these fun pumpkin carving patterns on a website the final product made me feel like I was really good even though I had plenty mistakes and was made fun of the entire time for how thin I made my pumpkin. I was happy that Matt wasn't feeling the "pumpkin carving bug" as he described it, so that I could have him there to coach me through my hard times and I couldn't have done it without his encouragment thanks Matt - he was the only one who believed in my pumpkin before the candle was lit and the lights were dimmed. jokes! I was actually pretty intimidated being with Erin, John, Allie, and Matt who are all pumkin carving pros. They were nice to help me along For those of you have seen Allie's blog sorry I didn't have a camera so I'm just using all the same ones from hers. Here are a few pictures of the masterpieces in progress......Even though we were all out to have a good time, we took our work seriuosly and really got into it, there was no messing around

I was a first timer to this pumpkin carving art, so they advised me to really scrape the inside out and make it thin where I would be carving.... and thin is exactly what I did. I went a little extreme with the thinness which took a whole lot of skill working under such conditions, but I managed despite the mockings I took for it. When my pumpkin was lit and lookin good John even attempted to accidentally roll mine off the counter cause he was so jealous with how it turned out. jokes!!

Everyone's pumpkins turned out so good, it was really fun to light them up, cause its hard to tell how good it will look until the light is behind it. If you leave a comment you've got to put in your vote for your favorite of the 4 pumpkins

pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin #4


John said...

What's that thing on pumpkin #1's cheek?

Cody and Brooke said...

how the heck did you carve those pumpkins! they are all amazing- i never knew you were such an artist Jessie! I like # 3 and # 4 but all are incredible!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Is #1 Conan? Looks pretty dang cool! I do think #4 is the sharpest and clearest though. I could NEVER do that so way to go you guys! And jessie, after all the voting you'll have to tell us which one is yours. I'm guessing #1 by John's comment?

Matt and Allison said...

The britney pumpkin is dominating on my blog... kinda makes me furious. I know in real life, Celine looks the best. Jokes

Julz said...

I vote for #4 and my friend, Prim says #2