Thursday, September 6, 2007

California, always a good time

We just got back from California. It was Aarons cousins wedding in San Francisco/Oakland area. We had so much fun! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I love weddings, its always so fun to see a couple so happy, in love and oblivious to everything but each other. I got to meet a lot of Aarons extended family for the first time. Aarons grandma made it possible for everyone to be there, even the families from Maryland, so it was like a big family reunion. We always have such a great time when we go out to California, his 2 aunts really know how to host a huge group. I always come home from those trips being sick of food (a very rare thing for me) because every meal has appetizers, huge yummy main course, and a delicious desert. Plus the food is all fancy stuff that I've never tried and probably never will try again unless I'm out there, so I eat until I can't possibly stuff another piece in (I must have gained at least 10 lbs. in those 5 days). Plus they totally spoil Kamaile and Emmy with attention and presents. I couldn't believe that even with all these people coming in town and the wedding going on they still remembered Kamaile's birthday and our 1 year old nephews birthday. We had a little party the day after the wedding with tons of cake and presents - it was so nice. I was hardly ever holding Emmy, between all the baby lovers out there she got bathed, changed and held all the time, it was a nice little break for me. Kamaile had a great time between swimming at the hotel with her cousins, eating food non stop, opening presents, playing at the parks, getting a lot of attention, and having lots of people around all day. Food, people, and playing - those are all of her favorite things. I also had some of my best runs in a long time. My brother-in-law, Spencer, and I went for one of our training runs to get ready for the marathon in a week and a half, it was way better running with someone, I know I wouldn't have gone that fast by myself -thanks Spence. There were some other great trails up in the hills that I was obbsessed with. All around it was a great vacation!

The adorable couple, Nate and Lauren. Doesn't she look beautiful! He might look familiar to some of you, he is an actor and has been on Burger King and Home Depot commercials

Uncle Harvey and Emmy looked great in their purple and pink outfits. You should see him bust a move on the dance floor, he really knows how to "square it up".

Great Grandma and Kamaile,

she is so great with kids and babbies!

She made it possible for all of us to be there,

thanks Grandma, we love you!

Happy Birthday to Nolan, Kamaile, Christine! Happy Birthday to you!

Kamaile loved running around with all the cousins at the wedding

Aunt Kathy & Carolyn with all the grandkids

When my mom brought us home from the airport Jodi and her family were waiting to throw Kamaile a surprise party. They had the house all decorated cute and she had made this fun smiley face cake. That was a really fun surprise for Kamaile even though she had just woken up. Her favorite present was "fa fa" (maleficent)


Matt and Allison said...

Jessie, I love how cute Kamaile always looks! You always have her done up cute, and I love that. I also love that her favorite present was maleficent. Usually little kids love all the princesses, but Kamaile loves the evil witch, who is seriously the scariest cartoon ever!! I laughed hard when I read that. Cute kids, cute pictures, cute family. Well done.

Traci said...

Jess you look HOT in that family pic! I didn't know you were training for a marathon! Which one? My parents are training for the St. George one in October. Thats cool! Good luck!
Your kids are so cute. They are getting so big. Man we really need to get together huh?

Julie and Dan said...

Hey Jessie, this is Julie. I'm glad you posted. Your girls are really cute. I can't believe how everyone is gown up and have kids. I still don't feel grown up. I'm glad we can keep in touch now after soo long. It's fun seeing your family, and your girls. Keep in tough. I'll put you on my link.

Cody and Brooke said...

such cute pics Jess and yes you look HOT in that family pic as Traci said! And happy birthday to you Kamaile!!!!

lacy said...

Jessie, it was so good to hear from you! Your girls are adorable. I can't believe Kamaile is so big . . . has it really been that long since we left Hawaii?? I still thought of her as a baby! They do grow fast though. Talie turned a year in July and I can still hardly believe that she is growing up so much. I'm getting excited to have a tiny baby again (not that it lasts very long).

It was fun to see all the pictures of you and Aaron in Hawaii and I'm glad we can keep in touch!

The Ceder House's said...

Jessie- Yep April it is! You are good:) By the way your girls are the cutest! I especially loved Kamaile's raspberry mustache at the baby shower- that was so cute!

Ashley said...

Hey Jessie! It's Ashley Campbell:) You have the cutest family! I can't believe you have TWO kids. WOW. I loved your anniversary blog too! It was fun to hear how you and your husband fell in love:)

Jourdan Johanna said...


IT was SUCH a blast to see you today at the marathon. I hope all went well with you. You inspire me.

IT's been WAY too long, lets hang out. Better yet, let's all three of us go to a movie/dinner sometime and catch up....and laugh!