Thursday, February 5, 2009

Justin's visit

My brother Justin is leaving on his mission to Macon, Georgia next week so of course he had to make a trip out here to see his favoirte sister before he left. jokes! But seriously I was so excited , I love having visitors. He was basically only here for a day, but we had a lot of fun talking and hanging out. Maile and Emmy absolutely loved it too. The only hard part was saying good bye again.
I sometimes forget just how big he is since he has always just been a "little brother to me. Now he even thinks he's stronger than me or something.



I love Emmy with these goggles on, she looks like a cute little nerd.

Justin got a new camera for the mission so we had fun testing out the underwater feature. I know this is a great shot of me, it's about the only picture I'm okay with since it doesn't show my enormous body. Seriously this pregnancy I'm getting so big so fast and I still have another 3 1/2 months. yikes!
Maile's new thing in the pool is diving for swim rings, I've been surprised how well she does.


Justin's Visit 004 Justin's Visit 001Justin's Visit 006
The girls loved family night with Justin there to throw them around and play all the games, I'm sure he loved it too.

C:\Users\HP_Administrator\Pictures\2009-02-04 Justin's Visit\Justin's Visit 017.JPG
We are so excited for you Justin and wish you the best.
Thanks for a fun visit we'll miss you!


emilyy said...

That's fun he got to come visit. Dan's excited for him to get to the MTC. Hopefully they will see each other.
p.s. Jess you are not allowed to talk about your "huge pregnant body" that doesn't exist:) I know what you look like preg. you are tiny and cute and every other woman wishes they were so lucky, at least I do!!!! :)

Jill said...

Your pictures are so cute and the girls are adorable. I love seeing your blog - keep it up. I want a couple of the pictures with Justin for his scrapbook.